Call Function from external script file



I’m afraid that I resorted to posting a question online! This is my last resort to finding an answer to my problem/question and I know that the expertise on here will enlighten my :banghead:

Is it possible to call a function from an external script file if so how?


Script file called contains:

fn function1 x y z =
print x
print y
print z

Script file called contains:

fileIn “”

fn function2 a b c =
print a
print b
print c
function1 9 8 7

function2 1 2 3

As you can see I would like to call function1 (located in from function2 that’s located in After reading many posts online I thought that fileIn would work but nope.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have a look at ‘include’ in the mxs help.


fileIn works fine for me.
try include instead


I have, that’s the first place I look but it doesn’t mention it any where or not at least all the pages I have read.


I tried a very simple version, like the one in my question and it worked.
Ill try and figure out why it isn’t working in my script.

Thanks for the reply’s!

Much appreciated.


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