Call for Silo screenshots/projects using Silo


VERY nice, Outburner!

I really need to take a look at Affinity Designer. I have been hearing a lot about it.


I have had Affinity Designer and Photo since the beginning but now I use Clip studio almost exclusively you might want to check it out. Both good software.


Hey Richard, thanks man!

Affinity designer has completely replaced Illustrator and Corel Draw from my workflow. I have already done many logos, 20+ flyers, 4 books and a couple of websites with it… it paid for itself many times already (its a one time $50 unlike Adobe). Affinity photo is also more amazing than Photoshop, but since i’ve used PS for 20 years i still need more time to get comfortable with it. Also coming soon is a thing called Affinity Publisher, which will be awesome for DTP.

but now I use Clip studio almost exclusively

$50?.. i’ll check it out, thanks man!!


Hi All,
Here’s a quick preview of a personal project which obviously is a work in progress. It originated as a quick sketch of an idea for a concept car I made several years ago but never got around to modeling it until now. Still have some geometry to fix, some adjustments to make and a bit of detail that still need to be added. The wheels and rims will eventually be replaced, as these are placeholders I used just for having something there as reference. Any thoughts or feedback will be appreciated.


Someone asked me if there were any updates to this. So I’m posting a few more screens. Since this is a personal project I don’t get the chance to put much time to it, but looking to put in additional time to finalize it.


Hey Mike,
looks great, how are you planning to design the back?

Here is a little something i did the other day. Modeled entirely in SILO of course, rendered in Sketchup for the pencil effect and painted in Affinity Photo.

It might sound weird, but i cant get my head around modeling in Sketchup :smiley:


I love and hate modeling in Sketchup. It’s very fast and quite capable but the way it joins geometry if they intersect pisses me off (automatic boolean operations at intersections). You have to modify the object to prevent that which I have always found absurd.

I see many architectural studios using it for their models and renders leading me to believe that it was a drafter with little to no non-archviz modeling experience (meaning they work almost exclusively in a CAD environment) or architects who have used Sketchup to build quick mockups of their projects for fast visualization but have about the same, or less, experience with modeling outside of that.

It’s just to destructive of a design environment for me.


Thanks, outburner. When I created the original sketch I hadn’t considered the back, but when I started to created the outline drawings - for modeling- I came up with one but as I started to model also made some changes so it can reflect the styling of the front more. anyways, will post some sample later do visually show what I’m talking about.

Your floor plan rendering looks great. It’s certainly reminiscent of the drawing style, used in the days before CG , when it was done by hand along with the pastel colors. Cool.

Regarding Sketchup, I had tried it several years ago myself and found I kept coming back to my favorite tools, but I do like some of the features that help when building architectural models. Then again, it makes sense, since it looks like it was intended more for Architects or those in technical fields.


Hey guys, i had to design a 80 page instruction book in 6 languages (did it with Affinity Designer) these past weeks and was soo missing doing something in 3D, so… while preparing a sandwich for school for my older son today i took some photos with the phone and made a 3D model. I timed myself. While i want to say it took me 10 minutes, the real figures are as follows:

  • Preparation of the diffuse texture in Affinity Photo: 53 mins.
  • Modeling/UV/Texture application in Silo: 54 mins. (yeah weird coincidence)
  • Normals in CrazyBump + scene in Toolbag: 6 mins.
    So about 2 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Sketchfab model in REALTIME 3D GRAPHICS!! sorry, dont know how to embed the viewer here


Made some props (200% Silo of course… modeling/UVing)…
copy/paste from FB topic:
Made in an hour or so. I like to exercise grabbing a bunch of random textures from the web (in this case the awesome an atlas and load it as ref in Silo and model over. Then UV the model with what i have available (from the ref)… so nothing special, but not bad either



F’n awesome, Outburner! I love 'em!


Would really love to see an UV ing video :slight_smile: . Still UV’ing in Silo gives me weird behavior .


A little afternoon trip with my Hachiroku [Toyota Trueno Gt-Apex AE86].
Made with the one and only Silo!

And the Sketchfab scene…

Hachiroku [corolla AE86] DRIFT by on Sketchfab

PS: the driver is Base Man With Shoes.sib :rofl:


Wow guys… completely out of the blue the model (the above scene) has been picked by the staff over at Sketchfab.
All thanks to Silo :smiley:


I’ve been using silo for a long time, modeling verious props, characters and vehicles, maybe i’ll post some more soon…


Love them man! Will you be unwrapping them? Are they for a game?



Wicked work, Qareeb. Those are some sweet models.

Damn, Outburner, you are killin’ it. It would be cool to see wireframes. Maybe even a few progress images.

I really need to use Silo more…



Very cool stuff. I loved the Sketchfab files with the animated woman and the DOF on the large street scene.