Call anything cool recently added to MAX


i’m trying to remember anything really substantial added to max during last ten years…

and nothing takes into my head.

no… i know one. it’s .NET integration.

but i see dead…
maxsharp, ribbon, python, caddies, CAT…


MCG, OSD, Updated XRefs, PFlow (might be older than that), Box 2 and 3…

If you are not aware of the issues that surrounded the development of Max and the Maya team you need to read up on it. These things have been removed from the equation for the most part.

How much dead stuff can you list in Maya, I know I can list a whole lot.


Nitrous and the whole technology beneath that drives it


And big performance and stability boosts, skin alone got about 10x faster and Nitrous can handle a lot higher geometry counts.


I was not aware of the internal problems for a long time, still not 100% clear on it. But my understanding was that the former PM was basically strangling Max development in favor of Maya, which explains all the really weak Max releases. I think 2016 is the proof that AD is serious about Max again which is really exciting, to me at least.


It definitely wasn’t any 3ds Max PM ( Product Manager ). It was more a problem in the Media and Entertainment management layer… At least that’s how i understood it…


Yup, president of M&E, and he was given his walking papers. New president sees Max for what it is, the number one 3D software on the planet.


Ah, yeah! That was it! Sorry, I got the wrong guy :slight_smile: But still, they were not-so-quietly killing Max. I’m glad he was sent packing. So instead of looking for anything cool recently added to Max how about anything bad recently removed? I think that qualifies. :applause:


MaxPlus is also improved, and besides that it also as a .NET api, side effect of MCG. It could well be the new MaxSDK in the future, for C++ also.


MCG - we don’t know how good is it yet. personally i still don’t see anything cool made with MCG
OSD - is it a new thing? pass… no comments… because i haven’t get a chance to play with it Updated XRefs - funny! it must be updatable by xref original design and its meaning
PFlow - this is really good feature added but the same as you i’m not sure when it was added. my guess 9-10 years ago. (honestly particles is not my area)
Box2 - always been there and there is nothing magic in it
Box3 - is it new? hahhh! being in max sdk all time was just recently added.
(box3 was one of my first mxs extension classes - 2005)

so i have to exclude them all from my ‘cool things’ list except pflow.


not 10… it’a about 6… and it’s all about caching mesh only.
i have about 15 times faster skin just rewrote the built-in skin plugin.


I’ve always wondered why you don’t release/sell your tools. I don’t know how you can have something 15 times faster and not want to get it in to people’s hands.


I’ve always wondered why you don’t release/sell your tools.

like a lot of people on here they are probably not “his” to sell/release.


Ditto… probably the biggest thing holding back our industry… I always applaud any open-sourcing from companies. They are always too protective and worried about losing their edge.

Imagine if we all had the rigging capabilities of R&H, with the Fluids from Scanline and the crowd systems from Weta with the character animation tools from Pixar. Visual Effects would probably become a lot cheaper to produce…


even autodesk hide some of their “ip”, and all it does is stifle development. Having to reverse engineer the finer points of maxes TCB & Bezier controllers was a PITA, It isn’t as if the the basis for their code isn’t already in the public domain, but slight variations in the implementation can make it a laborious and thankless trial and error task. Stick everything in the sdk it’s probably not that special :wink:

I always applaud any open-sourcing from companies.

the doom3 code is pretty good resource and the cough hl2 cough code base.


That certainly explains a lot. (That and the simple fact that there wasn’t a significant competitor in the DCC space; I’m still amazed that they got Justice Department/EU signoff on buying both Maya and Softimage since those purchases raise antitrust concerns.)

From what I’ve heard from some in the beta program, there’s a renewed optimism in the new leadership and personnel on the Max team.

Does anyone know how large the dev and QA teams are for Max and/or Maya?


Denis you have to be one of the most negative people I have seen in a long time. You don’t know the new tools, not willing to try them, claim there is nothing cool being done with them but willing to tell others they are no good or not worth it. Hate to tell you but you are in the minority.

MCG is only a first pass and it is very cool what it offers and what was done to make to make it happen. Just ask the Maya developers that are all up in arms that Max got it and they didn’t. I’m sure if it was added to Maya you would be adding it to the Maya got this cool thing list.

OSD I will be using on every model that I build in Max.

You have provided an enormous amount of help to people over the last number of years including my self but you just keep getting more and more negative where your posts just are not relevant or worth reading any more.


this is not true. i touch and learn every new tool of max in my area of interest. and do it very deep, checking performance, and memory use, trying to find bottlenecks, to understand why things work good and bad, and finding how to make it better.

if i call anything slow i always provide a comparison and try to explain way it’s slow.

but many other people including you say “this is good because it’s good” without any arguments. As i remember you promised to improve performance of some MCG example shown above. but we still don’t see it. (please don’t say you just didn’t have a time). the problem is - it can’t be improved! and it should be honest to say it.

Klvnk asked about an example of MCG working with specified normals. Where? the same story. i exactly understand the problem he see. the problem that makes this task very difficult to solve for the plugin class used with MCG.

i’m not negative, i’m just skeptical.

as soon as i will have a time or task move to max 2016 i will take a look at MCG for sure.
hopefully it will challenge me to make new tools and improve my old.
but before that i want to get enough reasons to use or not any new feature in my production.


I’m sure MCG is slower then a C++ plugin, that doesn’t mean it is a worthless tool, it is a fantastic tool that is allowing those that either don’t have the knowledge or the time to do it in C++. I’m sure if I wrote a particle system in C++ that only created one type of effect I could make it way faster then PFlow, does that mean that PFlow isn’t a fantastic tool?

I don’t know how you brush off OSD either, appears to be good enough for Pixar, but what would they know.

Your posts are often designed to just say Max sucks and nothing more, as is how you started this thread.

Yes you provide all sorts of tests but you are looking at things with a very myopic viewpoint. I’m sure if we asked those in the arch vis arena we would hear of more things that have been added in the last 10 years that have been well worth it.

I fully respect what you can do and your knowledge Denis, I just question your motives at this point.


i really want more new tools in max. but i want them made good. but most of new features a coming partly made, unfinished and forgotten in this state probably forever.

look at Ribbon tool… it doesn’t have backward response. if you change any parameter of a poly using max modifier panel UI or max script it doesn’t update controls in Ribbon (max UI does it).

$.vertSelectionColor = color 52 52 207
$.vertSelectionRedRange = 51 

someone told about Nitrous. but i want to remind that that it was leaving in max 4 years without support for DirectX shaders.

and i can give you another examples like these…

i hope now you can better understand the reasons my scepticism.