California Dream


looking good. the blue lights really give it accent.


This is my vehicle design style of Syd Mead.

I am primarily focus on Syd’s clean lines, contrast and bold colours style, tried to replicate/apply those feel of the illustrations in my image.
The ideas is to design a futuristic vehicle with the feel of 60s - 70s touch. The vehicle(s) are travel on the ground, but with the speed of jet in the sky. Dream can travel speed up to 3000 miles per hour with the hi-tech 12x wheels system, and travel in the special build Highway - called SKYWAY.

      Have fun, have speed!

Hi res version link.
      Links to California Dream (2)


Thanks Raytracer2K7.


I have uploaded the hi res version, here is the link.



Beautiful work, Alvin. Especially love vehicles designed for woman exceeding 6ft4 inches ;P.

In actuality it is just really rock solid from the beautiful reflections to the subtle orange palette of the vehicle to the complex environment.




Thanks LightSovereign.

Just a few samples here to share…


Really nice design! The side view is especially beautiful.


Nice work!


Thanks Strannik.


Thanks TMunro.


I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this piece. The shaders, the lighting are great. But what I really love is the aesthetics… very strong. What a super-car. Well done, mate!

The only thing I would change are the palm trees. The bark looks like it was waxed, and the foliage looks a bit odd. I’m in India at the moment and see a lot of palm trees.

But seriously, I’m searching for an imperfection. I’m totally using this as a desktop!


Yeah a really nice design on the car. Thanks for adding the alt views.


this image has great quality, the design of the vehicule is a good interpretation of the style of syd mead,
atmosphere , the image with just the car looks good also, i definetely like !


Thanks Stimuli, appreciated your comment.:slight_smile:


Thanks LostTraveler.:slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment PXMEMORY, I am going to upload another with different angle.:slight_smile:


I have such mixed emotions about your entry. Your car is the best vehicle design I have seen and your environment is beautifully detailed. But they seem to conflict for attention. I would almost suggest you take one of your “sample” images (2nd or 3rd) for an entry–let your car speaks for itself! Congratulations and good luck!


Thanks for your comment and suggestion, I will do one of it.


A test rendering images to share…


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