Calibrate how much memory/CPU mental ray will use for each job.


Hi everyone,

We are setting up a network at our office, and I wondering if it is possible to calibrate how much memory / CPU mental ray will use for each job.

Because we would like to continue working in our stations normally while rendering the frames, without weighing too much and without leaving the rest of the system too slow.

I usually do this by gereciamento of memory / cpu’s own windows, but there is much work to adjusting it manually,
I wonder if i can do this directly on the backburner, mental ray or something like that.
Or if can do this automatically on windows?

Thank you,


I would suggest not using workstations as render nodes during working hours. It completely kills productivity. Not sure if Backburner has this feature but some queue managers can be set to run on machines only when idle for an extended period of time or logged out.


What OS, IT resources (competence and dedication) and render manager are required info to provide an answer.
It’s a matter of affinity and limits, every OS and manager wrapping it will do it differently, and an animator fiddling part time with windows isn’t the same as a dedicated IT staff spending day and day out tweaking processes and scripts on an industrial strength linux distro.


We are using Windows 7 proffesional, 3Ds max design 2014, Backburner 2014, Mental Ray.

Thank you!


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