Cain - Robocop 2 Project - Maya


Yes - this started of and still is a rigging and shadding project - just working on the uv’s on the head section.


Here is a render I blasted off. Rendered it off with the balls in the scene so I can see what the different shaders looked like by them selves. Added the ref I am working off for the look. In the film he looks alittle beat up (even though he is being shown off as a new product) so going more for the model look when texturing.

Moved on to quickly assign shaders to the different part to the upper body part of things (just quickly used the head texture on the body armour) and its looking good - but the texture needs to be darker I think and UV defo needed to be done on all armour parts urrrrrr.

But some re-modelling will be done first on some parts I don`t like.



Quick turn-a-round I set rendering last night


Got the basic shaders done just need to uv and texture some parts now before rigging.




your very good work and very realistic too.


Fantastic work mate, really impressed :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work.


Cheers guys - i proud of this project - defo my best work. Update soon.



Small update - Turn Table quickly rendered out while I was at work


OK - I hate Rigging - Its done nothing but messed me head up the last few days. So started again.
At the moment working on the leg (not the foot yet) and I have removed the piston (the part that has stressed me the most) and the wires.

Think Im in a good place at the moment

But I have a number of questions now:,

  1. Most of the joints will only move in one Axes so is it a good idea now to lock and hide the others now or wait til the whole thing is finished.

  2. With the way the leg is built is an IK setup with foot roll going to work and if so where should the IK go

Hope you guys can help out here.

As for the piston I got it moving correctly after a few attempts but the spring was really messed up. I think I know what to do now but it means rebuilding the spring first.


Basic bones setup in foot - again piston removed for now


OK did a few test on the rig yesterday and happy with the results:

  1. the foot
  2. the Ankle
  3. the Knee
  4. The Upper Leg
  5. All together

Again no piston or wires yet - working on them next. Really chuff I got the knee set up not to move with the lower leg - I thought that was going to be hard but was very easy.



OK finally got some work done on the piston on the leg - its blowing my mind.

See video to see my problem.


Got the piston working with the spring. Its controlled with 2 locators with aim constants. That’s fine.

When I added it to the rig it did not work.

But taking off the aim constants from the locators and placing them on the joints then parenting the locators to them seemed to work. At this point I was happy - until I tried to rotate any joint in the leg in the “Z” direction.

It must have something to do with the aim constants but don’t know how to fix this - Plz anyone any ideas ???


sorry to be a pain but is there anyone who can help me out with the rigging problem ???


try using a world up object (another locator) with your aim constraint


If anyone can i am going to share the file with just the leg in it. Saved as mb, ma, fbx Like to point out it is a maya 2014 file.

I have tried so many different things I just cant get this working - really need the help


Like I said my man, use a world up object. In this case I just used joint 10 because we want the up vector pointing towards it at all times.

The best thing I can suggest for you in the future is to use offset groups so you can have a zeroed out local xform for the parts.


OMG thank you man - There was a small problem with the file you sent back - the spring setup was busted - but looking at what you did has fixed my problem - a million thx you’s.

I did what you said in your last post but found it was still spinning out of control but looking at the file I think I was selecting the wrong option.

I am very new to rigging - I have done a few basic human rigs before and everyone has pushed me to get this guy animated and thought it would be staught forward - but problems like this completely throw me.

Finally I can move on.



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