Cain - Robocop 2 Project - Maya


I thought I would dust away the cobwebs and get back into Maya with one of my fav evil characters of all time - Cain from Robocop 2. Although the film no where near as good as 1 I love the look and feel of this guy.

First and foremost you have to check this guys real life model he built with working screen.

Using this guys photos and ref from the film and my own 4" model (the one he uses to compare his model to).

So far I have blocked out the head and neck pistons but not happy with them. Then started on the feet and think they are finished now. Moving on to the legs next.


Cool! Looks like your off to a great start. :slight_smile:

Ill be keeping my eye on this thread. :applause:



Thank you.

Finishing off the lower leg but noticed a few dings on one of the rods I`ll have to go fix. Some real tricky shape to this monster.


Lower leg done

Just noticed some normal issues on the knee pad that have been corrected now but not worth a re-render.


Legs almost done


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Hey this is looking great! What is up with all the deletion requests?


Thank you

The thread posted my last update 5 times and I cant find any way of deleting posts.

Legs done


quick turntable of the finished leg.


Spent the day sorting out the naming and grouping of all the parts and coping the right leg over. Outliner never been so sorted. I have also gotten the middle section done. Will sort the pistons out once I have the upper body sorted

Moving on to the arms now I think


What is it you ask - its the part that joins the arms to the body.

The guy has 4 arms - the upper ones larger than the lower ones with pipes going from the base to the upper arms.


Very nice work :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.

Upper part of the upper arm done apart from the cables which I will do once the whole arm is done.


Upper right arm done - apart from cables, again due to the fact I think it would be easier to pose this before creating them. Going to leave it till all the arms are done then do them all together I think.

Moving on to the lower right arm next.

Edit - Dame it - forgot to do the pads on the fingers so not finished - oh well - very close.


Going through all my ref photos it turns out I missed a lot of details from the hand area (mostly because I was looking at my crap little model) so spent the morning adding the missing parts.


Upper part of the lower right arm.

Out of all the arms this is the only part of all of them that are the same on both sides. This is hard model as there is very little to mirror, but still finding it fun. :smiley:


Cracked on with this tonight with only the hand of the lower right arm to do (well say hand - more like welding kit). Was hoping to get it done tonight but brain shutting down - time for sleep.


Well corrected a few errors I made while I was tired yesterday and finished the off the hand (Apart from a small panel covering some joints).

Really happy with the way its looking