Cailin Tu Moritat, Emilie Garant (2D)


Title: Cailin Tu Moritat
Name: Emilie Garant
Country: Canada
Software: Painter

This is one of the principal character in the books of Chris Wooding “The Braided Path”. This book (compilation of it’s trilogy) was really good and this character was full of colors, strange, evil and endearing. I am really proud of her lips

This was the description that sparked this art.

“She was tall, a tower of darkness. Her dress was all in black, with a thick ruff of raven feathers across the shoulders. Twin crescents of dusk-red curved from her forehead, over her eyelids and down her cheeks; her lips were painted in red and black triangles, alternating like pointed teeth. Her hair, as dark as her clothes, flashed night-blue highlights in the shafts of sun, and was fashioned into two thick ponytails side by side to spill down her back, A silver circlet adorned her brow, with a small red gem set to it.”

I couldn’t find the color of her eyes so I made them red as they become when she does “magic”. I won’t say anymore, go and read this little gem !

Character is COPYRIGHT The Braided Path book by Chris Wooding

Critiques of all sorts welcome. I can’t improve without them.


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