CAFÉ Special Stage 01 - THE MALE ÉCORCHÉ


It will, thank you for that link! :thumbsup:


Hi Mike! Hi everyone!
I love this staff.:scream: Here is my tray. I used Rodin sculpt for anatomy pratice.


That’s incredible how a block of squares turns into a human form :thumbsup:


@ andreja >>> that’s a really great gesture you’ve got going there! Now “anatomise” him. :thumbsup: (If such a word exists.)

I’m totally looking forward to seeing him as the anatomical version.



fantastic thread for learning new things.
default-rol so cool start.the topology is fine.
At least i can watch your stuffs if i dont find any time to work.It will help.
wish you the best guys.keep going.


Holy beeeeeep… :slight_smile:
this is quite a challange Mike! but a very appreciated one. This indeed will help us Noobs a lot with our anatomy knowladge. cool. Amazing modeling work BTW. how the hell do you do it that fast man. that’s amazing man!!

- can’t wait to see your work.are you doing it all digitally like the Kung-fu master?

I’m thinking on doing this one all in PS but don’t know if i’m up to it yet.

Djampa - can’t wait to see your work man. cheers.


BTW. I hope rebecca will join this one. haven’t seen her around for some time now. this is the perfect workshop for her.

will see


Hey Andreja. You ROCK brato. Great one.


hi all
martin krol has gave me theses references and i’m working with it by z3 here:

those are really amazing references
eith my best greets


default-rol: Thank you Mike!
vlad74: Thanks bro!
Thank you all!

Here is another view:

I’ve got you under my skin!:scream:


Oooh this loos difficult!!! I’m ion as soon as I find the time/right pose :wink:

Good luck to all!! Can’t wait to see what everyone does!


awesome model ! :bounce:
wish I had one


i’m too confused !

looking at the Tutorial And workshops section of the forum i see Cafe 01 up to 05 !
and they are in different Subjects ?

is this challenge just started or ended ?
23/6/2007 is the start date ?
i can’t see Wips for people , where should we put these ?
ain’t gonna be a section in the forum for this challenge ? just like those in the hardcore modelling challenges ?


Hey all,

@ ThePatches >>> Good luck and I look forward to seeing your posts. :)

@ LATROMMI-SUINEG >>> You can buy a copy of the original sculpt at the freedom-of-Teach website.  I bought a "version 1" a couple of months back and it is absolutely amazing, a real work of art and should last me a lifetime.

@ cyfer >>> No need to be confused. :)  This CAFE is a [b]"Special stage"[/b] as all the CAFE's up to this point were to "design and invent your own <insert topic here.>"  This CAFE is [u]totally different[/u] as it is intended to deal with anatomical and structural problems only - you do not design anything on these "special stage" workshops.   All of this information was covered in the inital post at the top of the thread to remove the confusion. 

The challenge began a little over 24 hours ago and will run for 14 days, or a "fortnight."  time is still on your side. ;)

WIP's should go on this thread >>> as should your final piece.  

Everything for the CAFE's (normal and special stages) are all in the sub directory "Tutorials and workshops" of the Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art forum.

hope that helps some

Cheers all - I'll be updating tonight as I'm working on it now.


Andreja, nice work I love it, will turn out great I think. Also nice to see more people from this region of the world on the forums :thumbsup:

Here’s mine…didn’t have much time but it’s a start:D. wanted to do it all with zbrush, so I started with Zspheres, and sculpted some general masses to get proportions, nothing much. I am planning to make the model in neutral pose, then make a sculpture of him peeling off his skin, the final will be partially skinned partially teared skin…




I’m currently studying ecorche in Sweden at an university. My teacher is Jim Wikström and he has studied in Florence.

Just wondering if I (and maybe other from the class) could post our stuff here aswell, just for fun and to see the progress.
We use other references (from our teacher and different books) and have a longer schedule (5 weeks for the ecorche, and we’re done with 2 weeks already) so I understand if it’s ‘offtopic’ in a way.

Maybe I should just make my own thread somewhere else here. Hehe. :slight_smile:


I’m fine with you posting up your ecorche work if it’s currently a “live project” you are studying - this event is being turned into a 4 week workshop anyway, by request, so you can keep posting up your WIP as you go along. :thumbsup: We look forward to seeing it.

@ ghoul >>> great progress! :thumbsup:


I’ve finished my block out - UV mapping, then the real fun starts… :scream:

MIKE :slight_smile:


Hi everybody. This is the first time I’m participating in one of these and am very excited. I was looking at reference image one and two, and comparing them, and I cannot coordinate the thumbs between the two images, especially regarding the shadows in the palms(?) of the hands, as well as the direction of the tendons in relation to palm and back of hand position. Are the hands of the ecorche model in two different positions, or are the shadows very deceptive in relation to a convex hand curvature?


I’m not sure if I will have time to finish it but even if don’t I will still keep going. I will be recording all creation process. Here’s first small timelapse. (11.5MB)


Yup, I picked up on that too after I got sent them. After comparing the image planes to the real model, it is a trick of the lighting and makes the thumbs appear the wrong way round. So what I did was take a photo of mine on a sunny day last week incase clarification was required. Here it is >>>

Hope that helps you some. :slight_smile:

@ lukx >>> This workshop is being extended to 4 weeks. I will confirm this officially shortly. I hope that gives you more time to post up cool stuff. :thumbsup:

MIKE :slight_smile: