CAFÉ Special Stage 01 - THE MALE ÉCORCHÉ


                          [b]CAFÉ SPECIAL STAGE 001
  In association with
  [b][i] This fortnight’s brief is different from all previous CAFÉ events, and gets a “special stage” title as a result.[/i]  
  The purpose of this fortnight’s event is to create an [u]anatomically accurate[/u] ÉCORCHÉ figure in either 2D or 3D.  This is to be done from the free reference provided by Andrew Cawrse of Freedom-Of-Teach ([]( or an alternative academic source if you have one available.  The purpose of this is to gain a greater depth of awareness in human anatomy, which will greatly help you in future events on this workshop, as well as in everyday fine art figure/fantasy drawing and design. 
  Écorché figures have been created by artists for hundreds of years, and initially took the place of real cadavers in Medical schools because of the stigma surrounding the dissection of corpses.  Therefore any mistakes made by the artist directly affected all doctors the sculpture or drawings were given to.  Great Master’s such as Leonardo Da Vinci literally made hundreds of anatomical écorché drawings to understand why the figure’s surface looks the way it does and how it moves.  Now is your chance to follow in the Great Master’s footsteps and have a go too! 
  You can draw/ 3D model in the poses provided, or if you are up for a serious challenge you can pose your character too!  (I have provided photos from the V&A in London, of their 2 posed [/b][b]écorché - for ideas if you want to go down this route.) [/b]
    [b]You [u]are not[/u] to “design” anything this time round, the “design” is already done and provided at the foot of this post.  This is a strictly [u]academic[/u] fortnight, so we can all improve our human anatomy knowledge with the amazing resource provided.   [/b]
        [left][b]Special thanks once again to the [/b][b]écorché sculptor Andrew Cawrse, for providing the free resource, and also to Grace Fua for sending the images through.  Your help is very much appreciated.[/b]

        [b][i]Manifesto:  The anatomy forum CAFÉ - a place to meet, share your concepts, ideas and work for the set brief, and then discuss them with like minded individuals (Bring your own coffee though...)[/i][/b]
   If you are thinking of taking your ideas into 3 dimensions, please decide on a suitable polygon budget (for games/TV/film or as much as your computer can handle!) If you are unsure, please enquire on the workshop and others will try and help. The workshop is application independent, and so anyone can try it. For those of you who would like to try 3d but do not have a package, blender ([]( ) is a very high standard open source 3d application that is free to download and use. However, this will take time to learn.
   Duration of projects: 2 Weeks.
   écorché  drawings/a physical sculpture/3D model.  You can specialize on a weak area if you wish, or try for the whole model.
  [b][u]STRICTLY NO TRACING![/u][/b]
   [b]WIP is encouraged[/b], and please help others by providing your thoughts on their solutions in a positive manner. Discouragement of others will not help anyone as we are all here to get better, and people bring different skills to the table.
  Learning outcomes:

[li]Increased anatomical understanding.[/li][li]Visual communication skills.[/li][/ul]RULES FOR THE WORKSHOP:

   1. Work created here MUST be ORIGINAL TO THE CREATOR and for the purpose of serious study of the écorché. Those who post silly or off topic work will have their posts deleted immediately and will no longer be allowed to post on this thread. Rebecca Kimmel reserves the right to determine which pieces are considered to be in poor taste and / or disrespectful in the workshop.
   2. This Workshop will run in a 2 WEEK slot.
   3. There is NO LIMIT to the NUMBER of posts an artist may make. However, we ask that you post only work which you feel best represents your work, even if it is considered unfinished.
   4. Artists who post comments and critiques of other artists' work on this thread must be RESPECTFUL, POLITE, and offer CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Flaming will be NOT be tolerated, and constitutes dismissal from this and other threads.
   5. Mike/default.rol and Rebecca Kimmel will be offering the occasional comments / critique ~ however, the main focus of the Workshop should be on Group Critique and interaction.
   6. ANY MEDIUM or STYLE may be used: Traditional or Digital Drawing or Painting, Sculpture, or 3D Model.
   7. Please limit the SIZE of your POSTS to 800 pixels WIDTH x Appropriate pixel LENGTH. No huge posts, please! (you are welcome to offer remote links to high resolution versions of your art work along side images that are of an appropriate size, if you so wish.)
   8. Have fun, enjoy, and create great art!


For those of you slightly confused by the terminology, a fortnight is 14 nights in duration. Here is a definition of it from Wikipedia.

 [i]A [b]fortnight[/b] is a unit of [time]( equal to two [weeks]( that is [14 days](, or literally 14 nights. The term is common in the [British Isles]( and many [Commonwealth countries](, but rarely used in the [United States]( It derives from the [Old English]( feowertiene niht, meaning "fourteen nights".

[/i][i]This workshop has been started a few hours early at the request of Rebecca Kimmel








::Posed [font=&quot]écorché[/font] from the Victoria & Albert Museum::


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I will do it all from the mind and then clean it up with all the anatomy books I have :smiley:


A big thank you to Andrew Cawrse of Freedom of Teach for their contribution to this Workshop. :slight_smile:

For participants, please note that notifications of future Anatomy CAFE Workshops will be sent out through this thread only:

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Please subscribe if you wish to be notified of future Workshops. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Count me in on this one!:slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I should do this or not. It seems a bit early for me to make a second one…Although I was considering doing a quick woman…


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:


this sounds really challenging, i cant wait to see the results.


Thanks Rebekkak and you guys @ FOT for this… I just said to my students today that I’m going to develop a sculptural anatomy course in Zbrush over the next 3 months… Where better to start than at my friendly local CAFE:thumbsup:


well I bought the tutorial about 3 days ago… should be in the mail soon!

cant wait!


Good morning everyone and Welcome to the first day of this special anatomy workshop.

For those who are new to the CAFE but think they will participate this time round, “hello and welcome,” and I personally hope you get a lot out of the next two weeks.

For those who have been participating in the CAFE’s for the past few weeks/months, I hope this “special workshop” will totally help you guys out with any problems you encountered in previous workshops dealing with human or human inspired figures. I remain convinced that creating one of these will seriously increase your ability to visualise figures spatially and in ever increasing levels of detail.

I’ve never made one of these either, so it will be a serious learning curve for us all.

I hope we all get something out of it.

Cheers all


man too cool for words!!! Ah, that idea’s brilliant Michael :slight_smile: - mind you I also did one not so long ago :slight_smile: … will think about it!


Oh my…


This time not a matter of choice… that’s what I’m doing all this year about studies basically… so… this time… with or without time on my business I will make a hole on my schedule and…

I’m in…


HUGE thank you all,


I´d like to participate as well. However as I do not know, how much time I´ll be able to spend I´m not sure whether I will be able to produce a full model.

Anyway, thumbs up to this one. I wish everybody good luck and a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I’ve been at it for a couple of hours now >>> here’s what I’ve got so far.

I’ve mostly worked on the torso, shoulder and upper arm. I’m getting on with more now. C&C away at it if you spot something out.

Cheers all
MIKE :slight_smile:


@ default-rol: Nice one, looks really good so far. I´d put some more work to the kneecaps topology and to the muscles around the neck, like the sternocleidomastoideus (see graphic)


Fantastic workshop idea! Something I need to practice and never did, apart one pencil sketch. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish a whole body, but I’ll try with elements at least. In 2D, 3D is beyond me right now.

Do I have to make exact copy of that model or basing on that just a proportional model? I mean - I wish to do it without a grid (though it might be necessary), so I’m sure my model will be thinner of taller or different in any other way. In fact I am not able to copy in 100% even
with grid,but I want to make sure I can do it to catch proper anatomy and learn where the veins are even if my skinless hottie will not look like the model.


Hey dunkelzahn >>> Thanks for the reply. I shall be working on the neck, head, lower pelvis and legs after some food to hopefully get them up to scratch, (I will be adding in the sternomastoid muscle then :smiley: .) Once I’ve got the muscle groups blocked in, it’ll be UV mapping and on to ZBrush for me to get some serious detail in there. I’m really looking forward to this. :thumbsup:

@ sirielle >>> Do it how you think is best and suits you. For a real challenge i’d suggest you work a pose out, then try to work out where the muscle groups are in that particular pose. A good example of that is here >>>

I hope that helps some.

MIKE :slight_smile: