CAD converting object with a lot of soft curves



@Troyan But working with the engineer does not help if his model is “messy” because he couldn’t construct smooth transitions - this is my daily struggle and the CAD engineer has often different objectives than a “nice surface”
In my opinion your last import (even though way to dense) was ok in my opinion. We get away with way messiere CAD imports here in Automotive …

I can not recommend that its the opposite for me, without normal tags every CAD import here would be bad. because the angle change is so massive on little subdivisions I more often need it …


I get what you guys are saying but not all engineers are created equal either. The ones we’ve worked with with this particular client has been pretty helpful and willing to put in some extra work for a specific marketing piece. It would be great to find a workflow between us and CAD that is more beneficial to this kind of goal. I’m just trying to establish that I’m doing everything I can on my end and the info might be helpful to others trying to achieve the same.

Thanks guys!


You can try Moi3D.
He’s the best export software.

Within C4D, you can use the VertexNormalTool plugin.


Thanks Leno. Both of these have already been suggested above :).