Cactus Dan in temporarily hospitalized


Hello. This is the friend that gave Cactus all his ideas while we were riding horses together… But I’m a 3dsMax guy…

Friday or Saturday Cactus went to the hospital for pancreitus due to a gall stone issue. He told me to tell you it was due to injuries from taming a wild stallion or something more awesome. All is well… except… Guys. They shaved his trade-mark stache! Anyhow he’s going to be ok but he’s going to be in the hospital for a few days more at least.

Anyone that has ordered any of his products over the weekend should be patient for a few days. He’s quite anxious to fulfill any pending orders the minute he can get back home.


Wishing you well Dan!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery Dan!

Sorry to hear about the stache… that is a shame. Not sure why they had to shave it off… it’s nowhere near the pancreas.



Get well soon man! Let’s make a rigged 3d model of your stache to remember it.


Cactus Dan is the man! :buttrock:

Get well soon Dan!


Get Well Soon Dan!


Get well soon Dan, hope the stache returns asap! :wink:


Get well soon, Dan!


Get well soon Dan and don’t worry, we love you even without your stache :wink:


Wishes for a swift recovery Dan!


Get well soon, Dan!
And take your time, health is far more important than any pending order.


Get well Dan ! :wavey:


All the best Dan and get well soon. Must be bad weather for plugin devs these days as I am writing you from hospital myself. :slight_smile: take care and hope to see you on track again soon!


get better soon mate the tash will regrow :slight_smile:


Speedy recovery, Dan!


Get well soon, Dan, being hospitalised isn’t much fun.

And yes, Samir is right - I’m out of action myself following a hospital visit last weekend. Must be something in the water.



Best wishes for your healing and new growth. :thumbsup:


Best wishes Dan!


Get well soon, Cactus Dan.


Cactus Dan riding his wild stallion. I did NOT 'shop the 'stache.