Cactus Dan has passed away.


No way. Very sad news.


Thanks for that story Automoda. I, too, always got a kick out of the Howdy and Adios. How cool. How cool to be someone with one foot in the natural world and one foot in the digital world, and feel really at home in either. He was always out there answering questions. He answered several of mine over time. I was always impressed with his knowledge. Godspeed, cowboy.


My condolences to family and friends…RIP Dan.


I corresponded with Dan a few times after buying some of his plugins and he was a really friendly and kindhearted guy. RIP Dan.


Very sad to read this news here. But also very nice to see the pictures of the cowboy he was at his best and reading the stories about him. He will be missed a lot!



I only know Cactus Dan from the Forum and never really had a conversation with him I guess, but I was shocked as I read, that he passed away…

At this moment, someone anonymous (to me) become suddenly closer. Not just an icon and some written threads, that I always see, but a real human with a real life in this electronic space…

We, the users, do not see each other really in this space. We share knowledge and we help and sometimes we argue, but these are just micro parts of what we are. And so I’m very thankful to see those great pictures of this man. What a contrast: such natural and beautiful places and also so connected to the wired world.
I’ve been in Arizona to similar desert places too and it was wonderful.
Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

Dear Dan, for your next journey I wish you all the best.


Rest in peace Dan, you will be missed as one of the most level headed and helpfull people i ever met, sadly only online.


Rest in peace Dan! Very sad news ! A true pioneer for c4d community. You will be missed. My condolences to family and friends.


Horrible news :frowning:

my condolences to family and friends.


RIP Dan.



RIP Dan, he was a huge presence for CA in Cinema 4D, I learned so much about rigging from his tutorials, demo files & forum postings. Always helpful and freindly, he will be missed.


Very sad news.
Rest in Peace.
/ Alex


I’m saddened to hear of Dan’s passing but inspired by how he lived his life. My condolences to those close to him.


Me shocked. RIP Dan.
He was hero for, which set up several workflow against native - character tools, proper fbx export.
Yes, we lost heroes


OMG! This is a schock!

He´s coding with the gods now, hopefully. :frowning:

I have to say then farewell Dan. And thanks for your GREAT SUPPORT over the years!
Without you we couldn´t finish a few of our projects! Good bye and Thank you!

Christoph Pieper


This is some sad news. Rest in Peace, Cactus Dan. My condolences to his family and friends.


Ugh, what horrible news. Adios Dan, rest in peace :sad:



So very sorry to hear about Dan’s passing. He was a legend in the C4D world.


Wow, this news is stunning. He was always super helpful and generous here in the forums. I’ll miss his guidance and encouragement. You will be missed! :sad:


This hit me hard. I had no idea. We’ve used his plugins since he came out with them and he’s even rigged some things for us over the years. He just rigged some hand for me a couple of weeks ago, apologized for the late reply, telling me about how it was his weekly provisions run to town, hooking up the buckboard :). I was just describing this guy to my wife the other day and what an amazing person and character he is. Dan ranked up there with Jobs and Einstein for me in his brilliance yet desire for simplicity. I’m very glad to hear Dan was in a place he loved. Gonna go be bummed for a while now.