Cactus Dan has passed away.


oh no :frowning: . RIP Dan . You have been and will stay my mentor. Thanks for all.

Fxxxing 2016 year … ! so great people have passed away


It really is sad news. I feel like I lost a close friend although I only knew him from chatting in forums, he was always willing to help, to impart all he knows about rigging, a true pillar in the C4D community.

It was awesome for posting the pictures of Dan.


Thats really sad news, may you rest in peace.


It’s always sad to see a member of the community go. I didn’t know him or use his tools but it was always nice to see how helpful he was on various C4d forums. Those are great pictures.


Very sad news, RIP Dan.

I’ll always be thankful that I got to know him a little via emails and forum posts and for his endless patience when I’d bug him with rigging questions while trying to learn the ropes. He’s a huge factor in me being able to make my living as an animator/rigger these days.

It feels to me like the end of an era for the C4D community, while I’d guess that someone may be able to compile his plugins for newer versions what can’t be replaced was his relentless persistence in solving a technical issue and his out-of-the-box creative thinking for those solutions and for new tools that no one had even realized they needed until he created them. I often remember trying something he had come up with and quickly realizing that it was destined to become indispensable for my workflow almost immediately.

I’m very happy that he got to get back to nature and spent his last years in such beautiful surroundings, amazing photos, thanks so much for posting them.


Really, really sad.

It was not 10 days ago that he sent me the new license for his C4D Tools.

As usual he closed with

Cactus Dan

Farewell, Dan I. had never thought that that was to be a real adios.


Very sad to know, I hope he wasn’t in too much pain in the end…
We owe him a lot for his presence in the community, as well as for supporting C4D Character Animation with his plugins and foresight.

Thank you for informing us Automoda and for sharing these moments. Cactus Dan certainly doesn’t seem like the typical programmer, I’m glad he could have a life of such contrast and fulfillment.


Truly sad news; he was a very talented coder, a problem solver, and a gentleman who calmly and generously helped many C4D users here and on other fora… A real loss to the C4D community, and of course to his family and friends.


May peace and comfort be with those left behind …

Farewell …


Such sad news.

Whenever I think of the C4D community I think of Dan at the centre. He’ll be sorely missed.

It was heartening to see that he got to live his life on his own terms and that his plugin business helped him live such a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle.



RIP Dan.

Dan was a one of the most helpful guys on the scene. God knows how many times I have googled a C4D problem, and seen Dan helping out so many people all over the world. His sign off always brought a smile to my face too. He helped me once or twice on these forums too.

Those pictures are great - I had no idea the cowboy persona was how he liked to lead his life.

Cheers Dan. Rest well.


Extremely saddened at the news.

Dan was a swell guy who loved his craft and (as described) nature. Hardly ever met anyone who was so down to earth and a gentle soul. Talked to him 2 weeks ago, and while I knew all about his surgeries and past health problems, he never mentioned anything recently.
Just goes to show how private, selfless and humble he was.

Dan, you will be missed, thank you for all your contributions these past years, and for the friendship. “Adios”.


Such a shame. His CDTools were amung the first plug-ins I’d ever bought. He was one of the greats.


I’ll tell you a funny story about him. One day we had done a rather long and hot and hard ride down to the lake. On the way back, my german shep decided to jump into the canal like she always did… But this section was that sloped cement that is hard to climb out from. She was exhausted and couldn’t climb out. Meanwhile she was drifting down stream and I knew the canal went under the highway. So I jumped off of my horse and jumped into the canal and shoved her out. But now I couldn’t get out! I tried to grab a sage brush but it had burned in the past and the branch just broke off in my hand. So I’m standing there in the water and I said “Cactus-- Tie up the horses and come give me a hand!”

At this point, notice in the picture that he has a bed roll, saddle bags, and a lasso on his horse. Its not like he planned on rounding up cows or camping over night on this trip-- He always just had that stuff along for the authentic look LOL. So he suddenly gets this look on his face like he’s got the best idea in the world. FINALLY he could use that lasso! “I’m going to use the lasso!” he says. I’m standing there with my hands on my hips. I knew it was the best moment of his life to finally use that stupid lasso that had been bouncing around on his saddle for years. He tied one end to the saddle horn, and threw the rest at me, a whole ten feet away. I grabbed the rope and he got his horse to back up as I sort of rappelled out of the canal. It would have been faster and easier to just give me a hand but it was so funny to see him so happy about being able to use the lasso.

Over the next few weeks he and I had HUGE laughs about it. Every time the story was told, the water got deeper, faster, and the dog was in more danger. By the time that joke had played out I’m sure he had plucked me out of the white water with a perfect 50 foot lasso throw.

Its good to see some of you guys on this thread. I recognize many of the nicknames from conversations with him way back. In a few days once I know more I’ll start a thread about the plugins and we can discuss what to do.


Very sad news. He was always very obliging when I asked him for an added feature to his plugins. I never met him, but he came across as a nice guy whenever I communicated with him through email.

RIP Dan.


My condolences to the ones close to him. This is very very sad news. I did know he had health problems, I didn’t know him personally though we had a bunch of virtual contact a while ago. A good one is gone. He was always on the bright side it seems. He was on his plugin projects till the end that I know as well via plugincafe. And I am sure if there is a heaven he gets a sunny spot there.



I am sad to hear this. Rest in peace.


Did not know Cactus Dan on any real level. Still sniffling. See you, z-space cowboy. :’(


Very sad to hear this, Dan was such as asset to the C4D community, and always came across to me as as a most genuine and helpful guy. Adios.


What sad news to hear, a proper veteran of the C4D community, he never failed to be positive and helpful. The pictures shine with warmth and personality. Thanks Automoda for sharing the obviously painful news, and filling us in on some of the better times.