Cache MoGraph 2


I have a situation where it would be great to be able to bake the Mograph 2 MoDynamics, but there doesn’t seem to be an option or script that works. Is this even possible?


Use a mograph cache tag on your cloner or other mograph generator.



“MoGraph Cache” tag

press the “Bake” button
then you can delete the “Rigid Body” tag


Ah, thanks, yes that does work, but I was hoping to be able to get some keyframes out of the baked objects. Guess this is the same old bake dilemma with Mograph?


Can’t be done afaik. Send a request to Maxon, it’ll help.


this has been a need of mine for some time now. the ability to keyframe out mograph data. is it really that hard to implement?

i know there are some scripts and xpresso nodes and such that can sort of do that, but it’s tedious and limited to say the least. especially when dealing with hundreds of objects.

I hope this is added soon!


Send Maxon a request


There is a workaround to bake MoGraph (including dynamics):

  • duplicate your Cloner / Fracture Object
  • hit “C” to convert the Cloner to single objects
  • put a XPresso Tag on the converted Cloner which attaches every “physical” copy of your objects to its cloned counterpart (screenshot of XPresso attached)
  • set the priority of the XPresso Tag to “Generator 499”
  • be sure you have the converted Cloner selected in ObjectManager (the Null that contains all your “physical” copies)
  • go to Character - Cappucino
  • select “Rewind Time”, “Position”, “Rotation” and “Hierarchy”
  • hit “Start Realtime”
  • Click and hold anywhere in your editor view until the animation has run through once

You’ve got your baked to keyframes MoGraph. If you save the XPresso as a preset it’s not that hard or lengthy to do at all. Actually it’s something of a 30sec job to bake your MoGraph if you’ve got the XPresso ready to go.

And here’s the Screenshot of the whole setup. Couldn’t attach it here because of filesize limit.


Hi folks, I set a group of polygon objects (clone count=1) under MoGraph clone object to calculate rigid collision. I want use MG cache tag or point cache tag to get PLA data but it dosn’t work. Is it the limit of MG function or has other solution? Thanks.


If you read this thread you can find the solution right above your post :slight_smile:


Thank you mazab, I just read your solution and had a try, but it doesn’t look like my case. I set a group of objects but not one object for clone. Thanks!


If you use the Fracture Object instead of a Cloner to turn your chunks into clones you can use the method described above.


mazab, Thanks for your tip! It works “half”–why I got a mess of chunks’ rotation? :cry:


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