I need to create this. I have a robat that has wires on its elbows and knees, pretty much everywere its like its thinck thats the way it was built. I need the cables to move with the joints, and also to be dynamic. I haven’t tried softbodies since there are about 100 ot 150 of those cables all over him. And I thinck that it would be to much for the computer to caculate all those soft bodies. I was thinck of maybe coinstraing some that are not on the out side to save computer power. But I had no reall luck with constraints. The other thinck I was thincking of going in the direction of hair then attaching the hose to the curve as geo coinstrain. But I can’t get the stupid hair curve to stick to the joints. It keeps bouncing around.


hi shabi,

you could try this:

create/rebuild the curve(s) with an odd number of cv’s and create two clusters of each half of the curve cv’s, where the middle cv on the curve is a member of the both clusters. parent each cluster under the appropriate end joints of the control skeleton. since the clusters are automatically grouped when parented, align those groups’ pivot points to the joints and weight the middle cv .5 .5 ie.

this is just an idea that i didn’t test thoroughly so sorry if something’s mispelled/written incorrectly. bzzzzzzzzzzap to the job!


i’ve seen something similar rigged using lattices to deform the wires, the points of the lattice clustered, and the clusters parented to the joints.

guess this is a pretty vague description but i hope it helps,


There is a tutorial in issue 58 of 3D World for doing realistic robots, which includes a section on dynamic hoses. In it, they create a 5 CV straight curve, make three clusters, with the first including the first two CVs, the second the last two CVs and the last the middle CV. Point constrain the last cluster to the other two.

Parent the other two clusters to your rig.

Use this curve as a wire deformer to your hose geometry, and you should be good to go.


@ sporadic > You dont hapen to have a link to that tutorial? I will definatly gi it a try.

THank you…:thumbsup:


Sorry, I only have a printed copy of the magazine. The section on tubes is only about three paragraphs though. You can check their website, maybe they have it accessible, or you can order a back issue, or something. It’s at


extracted from 3dWorldMag:

  1. create a curve with 5 spams. Create a cluster (clust_1) for the 2 first CVs. Create another cluster for the last 2 CVs (clust_2) then another one for the last (middle) CV (clust_3).

  2. Point constrain clust_1 to clust_3 and move back clust_3 to where it should be.

  3. point constrain clust_2 to clust_3 and move clust_3 to it’s original position.

  4. Select clust_3 and go to point constrain attributes making sure it gets a value of 0.5 relative to the other two clusters.

  5. Extrude a nurbs circle along the clustered curve and delete it’s history. Go animation>wire deformer. the tool will prompt you to select the shape to be deformed and then press enter, followed by selecting the curve and enter again.

  6. create 2 cubes and place one at either end of the curve. parent the end cluster to it’s relevant cube.

  7. VOILA! (you should get a hose reacting when you move the cubes…)



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