cable rigging


hi ive been working on a model of general grievous from star wars for quite some time now
as you might know he has quite a few greebly wires and cables in his neck
now my question is does anyone know of a good way to rig those cables when he moves his neck and in such a way that they dont go through each other.

i’m using maya 6.



i haven’t seen bu myself… but… cgtk has one art of rigging volume 2 … it has brodly covered problem faced by u…

try that… well there is no way to stop collusion between wires unless both are dynamic…

try if u are using maya unlimited… make wires attached to hair object and set collusion options … try that…its just an idea…


thanks i will try what you said
if anyone else has any suggestions or tutorial links please feel free to post them



You can model them and then make them a softbody with goaled ends, or you can use a jiggle deformer. Either way works, but the cgTkDynChain method, using hair follicles, is the most elegant and produces the best results.


ok does anyone know of a tutorial where i can find out how to do that hair technique or something similar or is anyone here kind enoegh to tell me how

(note i still only have a basic understanding of the animation menu so dont forget to include in wich menu i can find them) << this is asuming your willing to type up how to do it



Heya bonedaddy, sorry to hijack the thread but my cgTkDynChain.mel doesn’t seem to work with maya 8.0 anymore, is there an update somewhere ?

THX a lot


if you change the call to makeCurvesDynamicHairs to something like makeCurvesDynamicHairs (1,1,1) it still works but the control is in a weird place. I just fiddled with this for a second, I’m sure if you try and change the parameter around you can find it.


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