C4DtoA to support C4D Noises natively/procedurally..


Use C4D own noises in C4DtoA like never before… 100 percent procedurally, no baking or faking whatsoever! Zoom in fluently to macro level or displacements… get lost in 3D spaced mappings for Volumes etc…

And even influence the noises parameters with other nodes for distortion or other advanced effects…


Fantastic! Is this in the next release of C4DtoA?


Technically its ready. So shouldnt take too long:)


Saw this. Great news!


Beta is out, grab it from the mailinglist;)


Um, this is the first I’ve heard of a mailing list for C4DtoA… Where do you access it?


You would get access if you are a beta tester of C4DtoA I guess…


2.2.0 is out now! :slight_smile:



Its pretty awesome; here’s a test render using using a mesh volume (a simple sphere) with voronoi noise in an Arnold standard volume material driving color, transparency, and displacement… Super powerful when you combine those flexible 3D noise shaders with Arnold’s materials.



Sorry to bring this up here–but have a few questions about licensing.

I’ve not touched Arnold for a few months.
Just got it re installed for R19 and I am getting watermarks in my renders. I checked my RLM server and it all seems to be running correctly.
I went onto the solid angle site and it looks like the license server policies and processes have changed? Are you guys able to use the same RLM server setup as before or did everything change?
It appears that maybe Arnold only uses RLM for the monthy subscription and theres a new A.D. server system for annual licenses? Seems whenever I step a way from it for awhile I have to relearn how to get it running before I can become productive with it again…

And yes–really liking the new features especially native noises.



I believe you now need to use the Autodesk licensing server, which is a PITA to get running - and then auto running on reboot through Terminal on OSX (Don’t forget to also tell the plugin to look for the server!)

The licence files can be downloaded under you Autodesk account.

Arnold Licensing info here.

answers.arnoldrenderer.com is the place to go for support.



Ugh was hoping that wasnt the case. Thanks for the info!

Im just about at the time where I would normally renew my annual license. Starting to wonder if its worth it to renew --being that its not our primary render engine.


You werent kidding :frowning:
Gonna be a long night trying to figure this out…


Yup, it truly boggles the mind when, in the age of ‘There’s an App for that!’ - that you have to jump through hoops a la ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ JUST to get an app working! I could forgive an app that needs to be set to load on startup - but having to search for how to 1) install, 2) set-up and 3) auto-run a piece of code is quite simply mind-blowing. What better way to alienate those customers that don’t run multi-licences with an ‘IT-Guy’ at hand. I couldn’t find a SINGLE page that went through all the steps.

So, these are the steps I took on OS X - if that helps: Get your Terminal goggles on…

  1. DL / Install / Set Up OS X Server

  2. Auto-run Server on Reboot

  3. Tell Arnold to find Server



This is one of many things that allows you to be a great option on paper, but a less than desirable one in reality.


a trusted source told me that the Arnold team is working hard to provide a user friendly solution for this.
I’m sure they will deliver on that promise.


Thanks guys

First of all, Im sorry for derailing the convo here. I thought it would be a quick way to get my question in front of the right eyes and hopefully get a quick and easy answer. If a mod wants to split this off thats quite alright with me.

To continue–I gotta say Im really frustrated.
Its perfectly reasonable for 3d animators to need to roll their sleeves up now an then and dig into terminal and code for certain tasks, but this process so far has gotten me to the point where Im ready to give up. I had a window of time to get things running for this current project and now its clear I’ll have to put it off till the next project. I dont blame the Soild Angle folks as they’ve been amazing from the start. Its clearly Autodesk messing things up. If I were them, I’d be looking at the competition out there in the render engine realm today and try to make the product as no-brainer as possible for users.

Thanks tehuti for posting the links. I’ll see if I can get my head around it all again. I may be wrong but I think I might have come across one of your posts in the SA forums as I tried searching for answers.

And noseman–thanks for the glimmer of hope. I know that your “trusted sources” mean well and Im sure they will come through. Just had to vent :slight_smile:


Hi Joel

I share your pain with the licencing but Solidangle support are great at sorting things out if you go to them. In my case I have Maxwell running too which uses an older version of RLM and caused some weird clash. Every time I updated C4DtoA it would break the licencing of Arnold. In the end they logged into my machine and fixed it so Maxwell and Arnold both ran from the same version of RLM and it’s worked well since then. I get the feeling they’re not the biggest support department but they’re one of the best I’ve dealt with.


Hi Loop Corp. I totally agree. I’ve had a great experience in the past working with SA tech support.

It was my understanding that this issue was more of a question for Autodesk since its using their licensing system, which is what I need for the annual licensing I am currently enrolled in. The RLM is what I was using up till now but that seems to have been dropped for annual license holders and is now only used for monthly subscribers–unless Im getting the info wrong. (that one was a bit of a challenge to figure out too)

Anyway–Illl check in wth SA TS and see if they can help. Thanks


yes, I was primed that I’d be changing to Autodesk licencing this year but it didn’t happen and when I asked about it (I thought it might fix problems I was having with RLM) they sort of said "why bother changing to AD licencing? it’s more or less the same. So I’m still on RLM