C4DtoA 2.3 available with Arnold Core 5.1


Just FYI: The latest version of Arnold for C4D is available. Biggest features:

  • Toon shader
  • Adaptive sampling
  • Two denoisers
  • Alembic procedural
  • and lost of smaller things

More here: https://support.solidangle.com/display/A5AFCUG/2.3.0


Servers must be getting slammed. Been trying to download the update for over an hour.
Both Mac & Windows downloads fail before finishing.
Guess I’ll try later tonight.


ooooo. thanks–gonna grab asap.

If they could only add a “render 4 times faster” button :slight_smile:
But the denoiser could help with that.


No luck on my end with the Optix denoiser. Crashes every single time I try to use it. First it told me to update my geforce drivers then insta-crash on render with it turned on. Not a great start.