C4D's lack of multiple phong tags - workarounds?


C4d to my knowledge only supports one phong tag per object. This can be problematic, esp. when working w/external programs.

As I understand Maya has something called smoothing groups, which I suppose are essentially the same thing. But you can have more than one.

Anyone know of workarounds?


In edge mode, make your selection where you want seams in the shading and use “Mesh>Normals>Break Phong Shading”. Play around with this. (Make sure “Use Edge Breaks” is checked in your Phong Tag.)


thanks mmd…the problem doesn’t appear within c4d…

And my Phong tag was set up with all the breaks so that it looks great inside c4d.

It’s when I export out to FBX and pull into other apps like SPainter. I get good results with OBJ but something is getting lost in translation with FBX.

In googling about I see a lot of users are having problems exporting out into game engines and other apps. It seems to me Maxon needs to address how their proprietary phong approach plays w/the rest of the world.

It seems to manifest itself most with low poly assets.

I hope maxon pays some attention to this and while at it…gives us multiple smoothing groups/phong tags.


Just check the normal flag, when exporting an fbx out of C4D and everything should be fine.

And if you are working with low-poly models, check out the vertex normal plugin and how to utilize that workflow in lowpoly modelling.


Yes I purchased Vertex Normal Tool last month and have been using. But I concede I still need to study docs. Maybe I missed something.

I checked the normal flag. I ran out about a dozen tests and never got FBX working. OBJ worked fine first time.