C4Dr21: Volume Builder/Mesher reading individual splines in generators


Hi all,

I’m trying to use a Loft object in a Volume Builder/Mesher, but the Volume Builder is reading all the individual splines and generating them as well. I’ve noticed it with other generators too.

Sometimes you’ll get the Spline Radius option in the Builder, and you can set it to 0.1, but that just seems wacky. At the moment I don’t have that option.

This never happened in R20 - Is this an R21 bug or am I missing a new secret button?

Any help appreciated!

Off topic: The reply button on this site doesn’t seems to work for me but a bunch of people pointed me in the right direction a few weeks ago with creating a New R21 scene file and putting in the preferences. Thanks for that!


Never mind found the answer - it’s any of the CV Spline objects that cause it to crap out which is a shame. Anyway, onward…


I know you sort of found a solution, but in the future you could put your generator objects in a connect object to “virtually collapse” the modelling hierarchy, and just put the connect object in the volume builder… The connect object is hugely useful in allowing you to stay procedural, while getting the benefits of simple polygon objects…


Thanks NWoolridge, that worked - it still reads the splines but you have the Radius option in the volume builder so can just dial it down to .1 - a little bit hacky but works just fine