C4DES Magazine Nº9


C4Des Magazine 9 - Spring 2008 is OUT!

After a really warm welcome from the international C4D community about our first English/Spanish release, The C4Des Magazine is out again, with a gigantic cargo of Tutorials , learning material , Interviews and Making offs. Both for the beginner and the professional. Contents include an interview with international artists Matt Roussel and Jacobo Barreiro , a fantastic Mograph and Thinking particles tutorial from Pablo3D and an introduction to Hair and Clothilde from Yamp and a new tech for motion capture in Cinema 4D from duplex2. We hope you like it as much as we did making it.


Rodrigo Caravaca
Sharpen Studios S.L.


AWESOME! Just browsed through it… Thanks for the great tutorials, and the cool hot rod models! Another must have mag!


excellent news! downloading my copy right now. :slight_smile:



very nice to make it in englishg too, just bought it;-)


This is great!
I just purchased issue 8 & 9.
The images are wonderful and very inspiring.

Great Job!

Thanks for making your magazine available in english.


Looks good and at a reasonable price but…i have to laugh…

not the case
Originally Posted by paulselhi
[i]Hmm I heard that once before…lets hope it stays free and doesn’t succumb to an Attack of the “we just need to charge the odd euro to cover the costs” syndrome :rolleyes:

Edit …I have nothing at all against commercial ventures, and even accept the need at some point to cover costs but there are those who intentionally set out to start a commercail venture under the guise of altruistuc ideals and free products, knowing full well that once they have enough takers they will start creaming it in[/i]

dont think thats the case… we dont have in mind to go for a comercial project, we are doing this because is a way to impulse our growing comunity, and to help a lot of people that dont use english as his language and still want to learn Cinema. in my case is a way to give back to a comunity that has given me so much. but i can understand your point, ive seen also those kind of projects youre talking about :slight_smile:




You dont know how right you are…lol. This magazine had always in mind to be free for spanish users. Right now, and because we need to pay to translate it into english, we decided to charge a small fee to english people. The idea evolved and finally, and because someone said that it´s not fair to charge only english people with the fee, we lowered the amount for english users, and made to pay the same to the spanish public.

Then…what with the main idea of giving it for free?, well, there is a free version of this magazine, in spanish, and we even give it for free to other magazines to add it as a bonus in their dvd’s (PC Actual, in Spain, is an example).

This final stage its not the best stage you can imagine, im sure, and that doesnt like to everyone, but it´s the final decision of the mag crew.

Who knows?, maybe with some time it would come back to be free and just in spanish…


So it was free when it was only in spanish ? Still i don’t mind at all that people charge for things like this, in fact i think it is probably essential to keep the thing going. I just wish perhaps others would start with something like… " First x editions are free"


Well it makes sense for Paul to have his laugh and be able to say “I told you so”. But at the end of the day, this is currently a very nice magazine at a reasonable cost and I sure hope it doesn’t go away. The part where it costs to get it translated to English is sure worth the price IMHO. If someone didn’t know better, they probably wouldn’t even know it was written in something besides English to begin with - it’s a very good translation job. Keep up the fine work. I’m getting too old to learn another language at this point, so I sure hope you keep the English versions coming. :thumbsup:

And no need to fret, Tank, I haven’t missed an issue of 3D Attack and I don’t ever intend to. :slight_smile: We’re lucky to have both of these fine magazines.


Well Paul… you probably right :slight_smile: . But at that time those were my thoughts. We wasnt looking for a business on those days but a way to form a better comunity at c4des, but the project was very well received and we realize it was a ton of work, so as you said , to charge a little for it is a waranty that things will keep working. thanks for coments and critics and for your good memory:thumbsup:




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