c4dcafe.com is down...?



Last few days I am trying but not getting in, getting “Your connection is not secure… xxxxxxx” message.
Is it down or any maintenance is going on…?



It is not down, but their certificate seems outdated or invalid. That is something they need to fix


I get the message “This website maybe be impersonating C4D Cafe to steal your personal of financial information”

I am not brave enough to try it.


What Srek said. I got an email today saying the Cafe will back to normal in a couple of days, and that the site still works with Opera or Safari. Works for me on Firefox after I whitelisted the site.


Hi.we just wanted to let you know that we are experiencing some issues
with renewing SSL certificate for C4D Cafe. This issue should be
resolved hopefully in a day or two. If you want access to C4D Cafe, best option for you would be to use
Opera or Safari browser. Thanks for understanding!

C4D Cafe Staff