thank you guys!
this is a happy-end shot, lucellino is free.


my realistic Gumball machine


I’ve only started on the wing part of it (lower left of pic). But it looks good so far. I had to render it out large to show all the detail. Texturing it will be a pain. I have no idea what i’m going to do about it.


Latest version of Miss Anaconda. Used Zbrush regular renderer in c4d no GI.


Links to my WIP post :


Suggestions are welcome


just sharing
level designe



Hi Guys
I’ve just posted my 2012 Reel. Everything made in Cinema 4d with help of After Effects. I’d appreciate some good old feedback.


I feel a bit innadecuate posting this here but I wanted to play along. I few years ago I created a plushie of a tampon and called it Aunt Flo’! believe it or not I sold 15 of them just by posting it on Facebook. Now years later I am trying to recreate it and get it printed as a vinyl toy, but just for me. I will paint it at home. Maybe the same 15 will buy a toy version. It’s all for fun but here is my crude attempt at learning 3d…Toxic Shock!


latest rendering, done with Cinema4D and Vray. All plants selfmade from my own collection and for the first time some Laubwerk content I build a while ago.


this is my latest project, rendered with TheaRender plugin.

click on the image for more images or information about the project.





trying to make some automatically connecting connectors with xpresso & dynamics:




I am currently working on a new personal project called “SNAPSHOT”

It is completely done in Cinema 4d and rendered with VRAY. You can have a look at it over here. Feedback is as always very welcome :bounce:


Have a lovely weekend



Working on a night scene. C4D & VRAY.
Here’s the WIP thread.


Feedback is sorely needed =)


I;m trying to make a ultra realistic earth. This is the first test.

I’m right now assembling a ultra mega super high-res earth map with resolution of
60000 pixels by 45000 pixels. The one bellow has a texture map of 10000x5000 pixels.

Tips are welcome!


fun project, Vray for Cinema4D. All plants selfmade and grown according to highest ecologial standards :wink:


rendered with TheaRender for Cinema4D, Nessie is a A’ Design Award winning design in the category of Street furniture, 2013-2014…

more info could be found here



Sculpting Cinema 4d - HellBoy



This is some work we’ve done with cinema and AE.


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