This thread is to encourage users to post their work in the CGTALK Work in Progress (WIP) forum and finished pieces in the GALLERY/ FINISHED WORK forums. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO USE THEM AND POST LINKS HERE!!! Its simply an alternative to help keep the cinema 4D forum a little less cluttered, share our works with the whole community, but still make sure we see each others works and are able to offer input. It will also help by making a good archive of all cgtalk C4D works that someone five months down can go through and see all the great stuff being done in C4D.

All you need to, is simpty copy the thread link from your post at either the WIP or Gallery foums and paste it in a post here. You can include a short little description if you want.

Again you do not have to do this its simply a suggestion if you wish to keep your WIP thread strictly to the C4d forum post it here that is fine.


WOOot first link…


Concept car


My doggy wolfie n00b eating thingy!


I posted a WIP, here is the link. (I don’t know how to name links)


architectural exterior wip


ok folks, here’s an exercise on lighting I recently made. The final pic is also posted in the Finished Work Forum, but I think this thread ist more interesting.

Surprise in Crypt


Character wip im working on for a future short film:D

Glory Day’s character wip


Here’s another image I just posted to the Finished Work Forum. It’s the crypt where the poor girl gets so much scared.
The Crypt


heres the cartoon dog ive been working on


A lighting test for a Vermeer scene I’m working on.


Bertta WIP in the WIP forums
C&C wanted and welcome, done completely in c4d
also can somebody link me too an eye tutorial because my eyes on my head model in working on suck. thx.


My Lamborghini Murcielago in the gallery, if someone still hasn’t seen it :wavey:



My newest project:

Battletank Leopard 2


My new picture




Hiya… here’s my first C4D character project WIP…

Character: Second attempt at first model

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


comments are wellcome


please, you are welcome to help me make a masterpice :slight_smile:


My latest x-ray frog, textured using Cheen:

My Lara Croft head modelling experiment gone horribly wrong:

Feedback greatly appreciated!



blue alien guy type thingy :slight_smile:
c&c welcome


The gallery of our C4Duser.com site (Japanese):


Many c4d users have posted pictures there.
Have fun!