C4D Wave Effector, foam texturing


I’m playing with the Wave Effector and it’s working nice.
I have a basic animation, now I’d like to add a shader and simulate the foam where the Effector is moving, so it should get brighter only on that area.
I thought maybe there’s a way to dynamically generate a vertex map only where the Effector is affecting the mesh, and then use the resulting vertex map to control a mixed shader (say for simplicity black + white, where white is the brightest controlled by the vertex map).
Is it my theory correct? In case it is, I have no idea how to achieve this.
I’m looking at vertex map tutorials but so far no clue.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance.


You might be able to use the tension tag to generate a vertex map for the deformed mesh.

Here is a quick tip by Yader showing its use: https://vimeo.com/26323998


Awesome, I’ll take a look.
Thanks Travis!


You can use Ambient Occlusion with “Invert Direction” inside a Layer Shader to mask a strong Subsurface Scattering (SSS). That will restrict the SSS translucency effect to the edges of your wave. Multiply an animated Noise (maybe inverted Naki) on top of that and you get something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azi-WZctImg :slight_smile: