C4D: v2024 | Character rig that can be switched to ragdoll on the fly?


Greetings all,

I am interested in building a rig that would let me switch a character from keyframed or clip animation to a ragdoll/physics driven animation.

Here’s a great example of someone doing exactly that in a project to great effect:

Unfortunately I haven’t found a single tutorial that shows how to set something like this up, so I would wonder whether one exist at all, despite the heaps of tutorials out there showing the various ways to rig up a mannequin using the Connector object and Ragdoll function.

I’ve made my own attempts but have only gotten as far as matching a ragdoll skeleton to a clip-animated one, at a specific keyframe, and then turning on/off visibility from one mesh-object to the other at render-time. Seems like cave-man method, and kinda half useless if I need to render in-scene motion blur. So I’m thinking there must be slicker way to do this.

It’s come to my attention that there’s a plug-in for this -

It looks GREAT! Though I would still feel more satisfied if I was able to build the rig I need myself, rather than paying $$ for it.

In any event, I’m hoping someone can either point me to the right tutorials, or suggest the proper method, if you’ve done something like this yourself (created a rig that lets you switch between keyframe or clip animation, and ragdoll physics).

Preemptive THANKS for any reply!