C4D Training in Toronto?


Hey Folks,

I recently purchased C4D r10 and I can’t wait for it to get here so I can learn all I can about it.

Now I do have plenty of experience animating traditionally and in CG (Maya, Houdini) so I am not too worried about picking it up in C4D. What I really want to learn is modelling and rigging and so on and so forth. C4D seems to be the most natural and easy to learn of all the apps out there, thus my decision to purchase the program. I plan on getting full membership at www.cineversity.com and I also plan to go “cover to cover” through the manuals. Are they’re any other decent training materials out there. I did some research and found that Lynda.com actually has a C4D r9 DVD tutorial and there are plenty of other tutes online but I was more interested in personal training, so if anyone in the Toronto area (or surrounding areas) can help and is willing to do so please let me know. PM me or just post any info you can.

Well thanks to all in advance and I hope to be more a part of this and any C4D communities.

-Dimos Vrysellas

P.S. Oh and by the way…
www.dimos.ca (lame and limited but does the trick)
www.circusink.com (my company site that totally sucks bad. I did it myself and I have NO web experience and there is nothing much there. too busy with contracts and other obligations)


I don’t know much more than what you’ve listed for material, but Kai is probably a good man to ask.
I wanted to say tho, it’s good to see more Ontario small shops taking up C4D in their pipeline! I’ve done the same and C4D is the center of my studio. I’m based out in Barrie, used to live in sauga, and I’m also a Nelvanarite :wink: So it’s good to see a post like this.

Best of luck~



Thanks LilDragon.

 I have "email chatted" with Kai and he seems to be a wonderful resource.  However, right now it isn't feasible for me to go to Vancouver or for me to have him (or his team) come out here for training.  I will most likely need service like his in the future so he is NOT out of the question when the time comes.  Right now I am just looking to built up my own technical skills and network with other C4D users locally and around the world.
 I'd like to find out more about your work lildragon.  Do you have a site or anything where I can see some examples?  So your a fellow Nelvanarite, huh?  And you used to live here in sauga-land?  Awesome, but why move to Barrie (beside living close to cottage country ;) )?  And Barrie ain't too far away.  It ain't close either but it "reasonable" distance.  Anyway keep in touch.


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