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Hey All,
This is my first post here. I’ve been admiring all of your work for some time, and figured it’s about time I jump in and introduce myself.

I thought I’d share some recent work…I used C4D extensively in the “Interactive Trailer” on the homepage:


The “Beach house” and the “Rooftop” were both created in Cinema…here are a few stills:

Anyway, just wanted to say hello…this is a great community, and I’ve learned alot from you guys…thx.


Awsome work!.. thats amazing stuff… good work.:thumbsup:


Hey man, nice work! - and kudos too! :slight_smile:


Congrats and welcome here :slight_smile:


the last few days seems to have seen a few posts about c4d being used on various film/tv related work which makes a refreshing change…shows the depth and range of capabilities its been used for which keeps things fresh and inspirational.
good to see another plug bud…

and welcome to cgtalk…good to have you here.


Excellent way to introduce yourself! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here :thumbsup:


very cool!


:thumbsup: Awesome job! Thanks for posting!
I hope we can see more of your work sometime :slight_smile:


Glad you decided to uncloak. :slight_smile: Nice work on the website! :thumbsup:


that was lovely work

loved the gun and passport taped under the desk.


Cool stuff - this just keeps jazzing me up every day to see things like this. Love the work & hope to see you around here some more!



I too am new here, but I saw this and just had to say I think this is a really cool piece of work! Good stuff Brinda!.. Bring it on!:thumbsup:


Thanks all for the kind welcome…I look forward to contributing more often.


Hmmm, is the rooftop sign ‘BRINDA’?


Really nice work. Thanks for posting.


I love it. The interactive backgrounds and the faked 3D environment are top notch. Great work.

Welcome aboard.



Hi Brinda,

This is stunning work!

Please contact me at your earliest convenience RE: getting some free publicity for this.

Thanks so much for your time and for using our software so creatively!!

Best Regards,

Diana Lee
MAXON USA Public Relations Dept.
2640 Lavery Court, Suite: A
Newbury Park, CA 91320
805-376-3333 X 5123–Phone

“3D for the real world”


Bravo, Brinda! That’s great looking stuff. The blurred transitions are particularly awesome. Very very nice worl!


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