c4d_symbols.h Parser for Py4D


Header File parser for Py4D - BETA
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I was sick including the ID's for a dialog created in ResEdit myself into
Python. Therefore I wrote a Header File parser. It will only analyze an
[i]enum[/i] statement.

First, download the package below and copy the folder to your Py4D library.
In your plugin, use this code to parse the [i]c4d_symbols.h[/i] and insert
the ID's into the global scope.

    from	HeaderFileParser		import parse
    from	os.path				import join, abspath, dirname
    		dirname( abspath(__file__)),
You can now use the ID's defined in [i]c4d_symbols.h[/i] in your Plugin.

Remember, this is still BETA. If any problems occure, please report it !
As this is still BETA, you might only use this while you are still
developing your plugin and your GUI might change.




Thanks Niklas.
I’m still a bit behind in the Py department for Cinema so this
can only be a good effort!



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