C4d stalling when importing image


I’ve had this problem before and I think posted about it here, but I can’t find the thread.

Anyway, I’m trying to import an image file into a material, and when I click the … box to get the image, a finder window opens, I choose the image, click on it, and nothing happens. c4d just stalls, it doesn’t show up as ‘not responding’ in activity monitor like it’s properly crashed, but I can’t close the finder window or do anything else. I know it must have something to do with image previews, but I’ve tried trashing the c4d pref files, and I’ve run maintenance on the mac, still have the same problem.

Anyone got any ideas?


What a surprise, it’s Octane again. When I import the image into a standard material it works fine. Into an Octane material, I get the hang.