Hey All,

R9 is uber cool, and I noticed a “Combustion” Compositing Project FIle option. Is there any news on a SHAKE Compositing Project FIle option?

Not a gripe, just a question! In the market for a Compositing app and prefered Shake over AE and Combustion…



I believe SHAKE imports PSD files, and since C4D saves multi-pass in psd files as well, you should be fine.


Or maybe there is a way through FCP?


I was thinking more along the lines on After Effects style 3D Light and Camera Import!



I was thinking more along the lines on After Effects style 3D Light and Camera Import!
Does Shake support import of 3D data now? I thought it didn’t.


To be honest, I dont know either! I just looked at the Maya / Shake intergration video on Apple.com and it looked like it did and just wandered if Maxon had been working on anything similar.

The fact is that I have a budget for a video production learning venture and have gone down the Final Cut / Motion / DVD Studio route and wandered if I could use Shake as the Compositing package rather than AE or Combustion?

What does the AE / Comnbstion Compositing Project FIle do anyway? What advantages does it hve over simply using the Multipass render?

Sorry for noobie questions!



Well, the multipass render setting saves parts of the render out as seperate pictures or movies. The interesting thing about the multipass settings is that you can combine the different pictures into one Photoshop file with different layers with the correct transfer options.

AE export adds a bit to that. First of all, it gives you a project file that combines your movie layers in the correct way (correct layer fransfer). Second, the AE export also transfers the camera position movement and the light settings from your scene. This allows you to blend a 3D layer in AE without any glitch in your rendered movie(s). There’s a couple of other options too (more exotic), but that’s more or less the bottomline.

I guess the Combustion export does about the same. We already had RLA and RPF export, but I don’t know how good it was and how it was treated in Combustion.



What’s great about the Shake question is that Maxon is in the know and are keen on listening to us mere users…so be sure to email off the request.

Cinema 4D is marching to a great beat now…let’s keep singing along!!

I am voting for Digital Fusion and Motion scene exporters as well. :bounce:


cinema can export PSD layered files, and Shake, at least last versions, can import PSD files. That is the a good way to combine these two.

And no, shake does not support real 3d.


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