C4D Renderer Equivalent to production quality Mental Ray



It’s been a while…

What is the best renderer for C4D, equivalent to production quality Mental Ray ?

The renderer C4D comes with ( looks less that stellar)

Thnks :v:


If you ask this question to 10 different users you are going to get the same answer, to use what they use…
This is not going to help you since they may have vastly different needs compared to yours.

IMO any modern engine is more than enough to produce amazing results, especially compared to outdated engine like Mentalray, seriously, any renderer today will produce better output in less time.

That being said all engine have strength and weakness and some may be more suitable than other for specific tasks, but without knowing what you do is difficult to recommend one in particular.


as Sirio says, any 3rd party render available for c4d will be better than the outdated mental ray.

i personally recommend Corona render if you are looking for a cpu render that is amazing fast and nice to use. M y personal favorite these days.

if you want cpu and gpu mixed probably V-Ray, feature wise superb and good image quality near Corona render

if you want a pure gpu render then Redshift or Octane. Octane is my favorite gpu render for now, many love RS though.

if you want realtime and simple to use visuals D5 render might be interesting to try (but real time comes at a trade off in quality, D5 is stil amazing in that), also Vantage v2 from Chaosgroup is amazing nice for realtime rendering.