C4D Render Farm Advice - Rebusfarm, Rendercore, Zync, Render Rocket, Drop&Render etc


So I am exploring Renderfarms and I am interesting to know your views on them. Especially Zync.

They all seem to have different ways of working, payment structures and limitations - all of which are shrouded in mystery!
They all seem to have stopped saying how BIG the farm is now!?

Drop & Render - [/b]https://www.dropandrender.com
In app Submission
200 automated check before you upload your project.
Arnold, Vray, Cycles 4D, Thea renderer support
Automatic downloads
GPU Rendering
Sync project feature
X-particles, TFD and many more plugins

GarageFarm - https://garagefarm.net
inbuilt render and Corona 1.0 and up
In app Submission
Stage, takes, xrefs, Tiled and psds as textures all supported
24/7 live support
Plugins like XParticles and Anima, and are always happy to add whatever else you use.

RebusFarm - https://us.rebusfarm.net/en/
Automated upload and download
Very nice plug in and uploading from within the app.
Error messages and warning in the app

I mainly use Rebus and it has always been reliable but I am finding more things that it cannot handle - That they don’t mention anywhere and I only find out stuff when it fails! Not great with deliver looming.
PSDs as textures are hit and miss
Take system not supported
stage object not supported.
cannot have the same (projectname.c4d) on the farm - i.e if you are rendering out 2 cameras in the same scene you have to save as projectname2.c4d and upload that. Seems that the Job titles shouldn’t be the project name

ZYNC - https://www.zyncrender.com ( Also under the Pipeline menu item in R18/R19 )
Is now built in to R19 it seems and I’ve installed it but not tried it -
Automated upload and download
Takes a little bit of setup - google online platform account and getting them linked took a little while.
Need the C4D Plug in and a helper app installed and running
Is EVERYTHING supported with it? The payment system seem confusing (.compared to previous )

Rendercore -https://www.rendercore.com
Apparently very good personal service farm.
Manual zip / upload and download
Manual Job starting
Great Support

Render King - http://renderking.com
Apparently very good
Manual zip / upload and download ( edit - See below )
Also they can set up a dropbox
You save your job file and assets locally in your assigned dropbox folder (on your hard drive) and your file is synced directly to their Team Render Server.
You then launch the file via the TRS interface in your browser and the results are instantly synced back to your local results folder.

Please comment on these and any others you guys use. Only C4D compatible ones. Ideally with simple automated workflows!




my limited findings to zync are:

  • no plugins supported
  • the posibility to switch between guarantied and not guarantied clients is a gamble. sometimes the one is cheaper sometimes the other
  • you choose yourself how many instances and what kind of you want to start.
  • you always pay for at least 10 minutes/client. so if you fire up a lot and have to stop the render you pay ten minutes.
  • you seldom get as many instances as you choose. in my experience most of the time around 60% or so.
  • the plugin tends to try to upload a 2 GIG Library file from the c4d installation (I am not shure if I used something from the library). saving with assets before starting the render is a workaround .
  • you pay for rendertime and used disk space. receipt once a month.
  • you do not have to wait till you are in line, you get your own clients. (This is my favorite by far)
  • therefore it is quite predictable
  • downloader is great if it works. sometimes it needs a bit of help by reforcing a download.
  • If I have jobs without plugins I quite like it
  • it is very reasonable priced, especially for c4d internal renderers

tats It
best regards


You might also consider http://renderking.com
I have used it in the past and was very satisfied with the service etc.



Great thread!

Renderking is great. Currently its down due to Hurricane Irma moving through the region.

We are looking to upload to Rebus which we’ve used quite often as well, but noticing that xparticles is no longer supported? IS that true?

I see Jops mentions above that Zync doesnt support any 3rd party plugins–so that means x-particles is out.

I’ve heard great things about PixelPlow and will try them next.


Great idea for a thread.
Always interested in finding alternative solutions.
I’ve been using Ranch for my past couple of projects.
They have a solid plugin that checks your files and compresses them for delivery.
Farm speed is great, and their RanchSync tool downloads finished renders to your desktop as each frame is completed.
They also have great support.



We’ve used RenderKing numerous times over the past few years and have been very happy with the service and results.
Dan is dedicated to client satisfaction and will quickly answer any questions or respond to any issues.
His set-up is very user friendly and stable.


I use PixelPlow and am very happy with their services. Their software is easy to use and allows you to upload cache files (x-particles) from your scenes. Their support was timely when I had a few output issues (my fault). My only complaint is their lack of support for takes.

If you are looking for more C4D compatible farms, thislink was posted a few months back.


hello! I’m using garage farm for all my projects (Cinema, 3ds max and also Maya lately) and I’m very pleased with their service - https://garagefarm.net/en/

everything’s automated and the support is extremely attentive, working 24/7 as well. they have a special guy for each program so the technical advice is always top-notch.

they support all kinds of workflow and if there is a need to prepare a custom workflow for a client, they do it (custom plugins or their specific versions, updating their sending-to-farm plugin etc.)

i saw takes being mentioned as not supported on some - i rendered takes with gf and it was all fine.


Hi guys!

We used released the new Cinema 4D plugin update. We now have more than 200 automated check before you upload your project.
Besides that:

  • Arnold, Vray, Cycles 4D, Thea renderer support
  • Automatic downloads
  • GPU Rendering
  • Sync project feature
  • Free test credits
  • X-particles, TFD and many more plugins

So far the self promotion!:smiley: Check out this site: Findrenderfarm Here you can check the biggest render farms and compare them by features or application support.

Drop & Render


Great to hear… so my questions are do you support ALL inbuilt cinema 4D tricks etc

  1. The take system.
  2. The stage object
  3. X-ref objects ( with auto upload )
  4. PSDs as textures

The problem I am finding is that you HAVE to know what is supported be fore you start a project. Farms are really reluctant to say what is not supported and then we get in to trouble at render time…


First of all, thanks for endorsing us, Michaelgfx
To elaborate, we support the stage tag, the take system and Tiled rendering. We also support plugins like XParticles and Anima, and are always happy to add whatever else you use. Lastly, we support all of Cinema’s render engines, as well as Corona 1.0 and up.
You can contact our 24/7 live support for questions, and refer to these links for more information:

you also get $25 worth of free starting credits, $50 if you register from here: https://garagefarm.net/en/cinema-4d-render-farm/
Happy Rendering!


Stage, takes, xrefs and psds as textures are all supported on GarageFarm.NET:slight_smile:


Many thanks for the replay from the Farms. Pretty refreshing!

I’ll certainly be trying any and all out. For me it’s all about quick turn around and high volume 1-20 minute renders…

I’ll update the original Post with your details etc.


1. Not directly, but it very easy to submit all your takes. Just submit your job, wait until the upload is finished. Select another take and upload again.
2. Yes the stage object is supported
3. Yes! You need to setup your texture paths and project relative to your master project. (plugin will guide you through the steps necessary)
4 Yes!


Hi everyone,

@Steve aka Monkeycharm, thank you for the kind words about our rendering service.
@strangerthings, thank you for creating this thread and allow renderfarms to post.

I take this opportunity to introduce our rendering service: the RANCH Renderfarm.
We are based in France, Paris and proudly serve our customers for more than 10 years now!
The RANCH in a few words:

-Supported Renderers: Standard, Physical, V-Ray 3.4, Arnold 5, Corona, Thea Render, …
-Fully integrated plugin to prepared all your Cinema 4D projects (RANCHecker)
-Automatic and free downloads (RANCHSync)
-97% support satisfaction rate (dedicated engineer for C4D support)
-Many plugins supported (Anima, Forester, Hot4D, TFD, X-Particles) and installation on demand if it is not in our current C4D plugins list.
-GPU Rendering (128 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti)
-Most powerful servers: Intel Dual Xeon E5 2697A V4, 32 cores 64 threads (4700 Cinebench for each node), with 128 to 256 GB of RAM
-30 € of free test credits
-Efficient and unique in-house method for still images rendering (compatible with all render engines without using DR, TR, etc.)
-Other supported feature: Stage object,X-Refs, PSDtextures and Take system is natively integrated into RANCHecker (you can easily choose the Takes to render).

Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries: contact@ranchcomputing.com

Yann & JP


Just to add to Renderking–its not just manual zip and upload. Dann can set you up with a dropbox link that works very well. You save your job file and assets locally in your assigned dropbox folder (on your hard drive) and your file is synced directly to Dann’s Team Render Server. You then launch the file via the TRS interface in your browser and the results are instantly synced back to your local results folder.


Following my previous post, you may be interested in our last interview published on CGSociety: http://www.cgsociety.org/news/article/3526/the-necessity-of-a-powerful-render-solution




Looks like Zync is the only one thats R19 ready?
This is one of the reasons I havent moved production into 19. Once we start to see 19 adoption then we will feel more comfortable to proceed.


We support Cinema 4D R19 on the RANCH Renderfarm.




Another callout for RenderKing. We’ve used them for, I think, going on 10 years now? We’ve also used Rebus and RenderRocket and Rendering is the only one that has a pricing structure that you can understand. With Rebus, the time difference and communication barriers were an issue since they are in Germany, I believe?

RenderRocket was great for scaling nodes when you needed them, but pretty pricey.

Dann is currently waiting on a new Mac server for R19 since Apple has decided to stop supporting an OS for older machines and R19 needs a newer OS, but he has R19 on all of the nodes. I’m sure Dann will jump in here, but he is starting from scratch with plugins, which is completely understandable. I know for sure he’ll have X-Particles.

Love the fact that his farm will save frames directly to a drop box. Huge work flow plus for us. It basically works exactly like if you were using an internal farm.