C4D Render engine poll


Just a quick poll to gauge where people are at. What render engine do you use for MOST of your jobs?


Who ARE these people that are using ProRender for most of their jobs? I think it’s completely unusable.


Just about everything with Vray.

Would like to start-up with Redshift to help ‘diversify the portfolio’ as it were, but those card prices are killer.


I’m testing the Redshift demo on 2 x lowly 980ti and it’s pretty nippy.


In the same boat as Luke. Was 100% Vray for some time, but using Corona more and more now and really liking it.

Very interested in Redshift, but our studio is nearly 100% mac. Was planning on going back to PC for GPU rendering but the current price thing has put that plan on hold.


We might use a mixture of render engines on a given job, but the vast majority of stuff we do here at Cake is with the native engines.


Similar to travismetcalf. I used VRay for years but migrated over to Corona last year. For me, one of the best professional decisions I’ve made. I love it.


+1 VRay user that’s kind of switched to something else. Still using VRay at work for now but have been using Redshift at home. Managed to get a 1080ti before the prices rocketed, really impressed with Redshift, the speed, usability and support. Also nice that I can use it with C4D and Houdini.

I can’t imagine using any of the built in renderers but I guess it’s about the sort of work you do. For a lot of fast turnaround motion graphics I can see the appeal.

Great to be spoiled for choice.


… me :wink:


Redshift all the way


…and me :wink:


Does any one has any idea of where Maxon intents to go with the native renderers? Standard + Physical + Pro I can’t imagine that they all going to get the same love and care.


My guess would be standard render probably gets dropped at some point in the future due to its age, physical gets further development at some point and pro render continues to improve as AMD work on it. But your guess is as good as mine.


Switched to Redshift and have not used Standard again, with exception of building shaders for Unity and baking C4D textures to UV bitmaps for Unity and Substance workflow back to Redshift. My home GPU is an old K1800 and is suprzinlgy capable with Redshift , at work a 970 and 1080 in one box really makes RedShift sing. Getting super fast render times using previously taboo animation features like GI, true reflections, soft shadows, blurry refractions, motion blur, DOF. It’s just amazing how responsive and enjoyable Redshift is to use IMHO.


I mainly use Octane and now have bought Redshift. The best thing by far about Redshift is the support, it is outstanding. I have just bought it this week after testing the demo for a month. Every query I had with the demo was answered within hours, I even found a bug in their displacement, and within a day they told me it was fixed and would be in the next release.


Just curious, why the move from octane to redshift?


standard is indispensable for cel shaded cartoon stuff, and c4d is used a lot for that. maybe they’ll stop development, but they won’t drop it all together. but maybe that’s what you meant in the first place :wink:


I’m still using Octane on subscription, they both have pluses and minuses. Octane is missing some things I find very useful like include/exclude. Redshift has that ability, but then it can’t work properly with psd files, I have to separate all my maps out into individual files which is a pain. Octane doesn’t have a layered material node, so complex mix materials are required, Redshift is easier for that stuff.

The development of Octane seems glacial compared to Redshift, and I also find Octane to be quite unstable at times. However the settings couldn’t be easier, Redshift has a lot more knobs.

To be honest I wouldn’t be using either if Physical wasn’t so damn slow.