C4D - refresh rate problem?


I have been using C4D for a short time, the problem I have is that the interaction with the viewport and the timeline work erratically.
What do I mean? that makes sudden jumps of position, rotation, the same in the timeline, here some examples:

I tried all kinds of settings within the Nvidia Panel, the one that gave me the best result is to set vertical sync to “fast”, but it still happens. That’s why I think it’s a sync problem.

My monitor is set to 144hz with g-sync enabled, disabling g-sync or lowering the hz did not produce any change.



are you using a tablet?


No, M&K, just in case I tried another mouse but the same thing happened.


I had a problem similar to what you posted.
While moving things around, suddenly the item and or zoom would change.
What it was is that while working with the wired mouse, the wireless mouse
was behind me on the arm of a chair. It seemed to want to take over.
Switching the wireless mouse off solved that problem.


thanks, in my case I use a single mouse (wireless).
What guides me that it is a sync problem, is that by changing the option of that section the problem “improved”.