C4D + realflow plugin // Thick Ice Cream / Frozen yoghurt mesh



I am no pro c4d user and I am trying to increase my skillset everyday. I’ve got a sideproject going on which involves fluids. What I am trying to make is frozen yoghurt like this:


I’ve got the realflow plugin for C4D which is quite nice, but I’m struggeling to get my fluid / mesher to hold it’s shape after emitting. I’ve tried bumping the viscosity mega high and basically changing each setting I could find with non to minor improvement. Emitting should be alright, just use a star spline which roughly has the shape of the picture above, but the fluid is to thin and flattens out instantly.

Do any of you guys have any tips that might help?

Much appreciated



This is the BLENDER sub-forum, not C47D :wink:


My bad, sorry about that. Will move / delete thread.