C4d R20 Z depth


Am I missing something, I can’t find the Depth of field Effect in the render setting, I’m using Physical render , C4D.



If you mean Depth of Field, you don’t add it as an Effect in Physical Renderer, it is under the Physical menu option in Render settings under the Basic tab.



Thanks, I’ve got that switched on , but when I extract the exr in after effects the z depth pass is not there.
It just shows a Depth Alpha tab.


Your subject title mentioned Z Depth but your post mentions Depth of Field.

If you mean Z Depth, you add that as a Multipass using “Depth” chosen from the Multi-Pass button under Render Settings.


Yes, I’m after Z depth, I’ll try adding the Depth.


I rendered out the z depth as a PNG sequence and was able to adjust the Depth of field in after effects using the png’s, instead of the exr, which is what I needed.

Thanks for your help!