C4D R19 Sketch and Toon HELP


Hello People.

So I am creating an animation for a client and at some point, I have to animate some Medical object. The animation is a type of sketch look where the lines draw it self revealing the object. (Kind of the effect Stroke does with After Effects)

The thing I’ve learned that, though sketch and toon do animate the lines in stationary object very well, when the camera moves or the object moves the draw jumps and keeps jumping around the object giving a flickering look. I kind of love it but the client does not I am afraid.

Can anyone remember a solution for this or even any other way to animate object lines inside C4D?

Here is my animation preview: https://vimeo.com/334105578/48de9e7086

And here is a reference to the type of stroke animation I am trying to achieve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX1byq2C9ng

Thank you in advance.


Yeah, flickering in Sketch and Toon is a common issue with animation. Especially with rotating objects.

There are a few settings that you should look at. EJ Hassenfratz has done many tuts with S&T and this recent video goes over a few key settings:

I’m starting the video at the relevant point in time for flicker issues.

Since S&T renders pretty quickly I’ve also noticed that I sometimes got better results by rendering at a higher resolution, like UHD/4K, even if delivery was in HD. You’d need to take line thickness into account obviously.

It might also help to render different categories of likes into different passes, as some flicker happens with unintended “line category interaction” behind the scenes (like hidden vs visible or creases vs folds or whatever).


Have you tried converting some shape defining vertexes into splines and rendering the splines with S&T ?


Thank you Pixla I already seen that tutorial and followed the steps and sadly it didn’t solved the issue :confused:


I have not. Will try and check how it will work.