C4D R14 mac OSX: cannot force quit/ kill


sometimes i’m getting into a situation where C4D becomes unresponsive. under mac, usually a “force quit” will solve the issue. cinema 4d is my only app where this will not work. i’ve also tried to kill the application in terminal with the “kill PID” command, no go. the only way to go seems to be a reboot, which is a serious trouble if you have other processes running.

anyone having a solution for this very nasty issue? is there any other trick? is this a known bug?

cinema 4d prime 14.042 mac 64 with apple mac pro v5,1 (mid 2010), 2x6 cores @2.66 ghz, amd radeon hd 7950 3072 mb, 40 gbyte ram, osx 10.8.4 mountain lion.


What you experience is a graphics driver or window server crash/freeze.

What you can do (most of the time) after killing the app in the activity monitor or terminal is to log off and log in again on your user account.

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Happened some times to me too, mostly when working with particles or realflow. Killing the process won’t work, the interface still remains locked on the screen and I can even launch another instance of cinema that would work normally. Log-off isn’t an option nor soft reboot, as it will freeze with beachball at the end…the only option is hard shut-down with power button.


I have had the same issue with my Mac and TurbulenceFD.
Nothing helped me neither force quit or the activity monitor - only a hard shut down via the power button.


Hope someone can provide a solution.
Have hit this wall many times…and the worst of it is that I had not saved.
Hate to have to save for every iteration of progress.



Contact Maxon support and supply the complete scene (with textures and xref’d files if used). If we can reproduce it, we file a bugreport @Apple.

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it last happened when trying to open an xfrog XFR file with the xfrog 5 demo plugin.


Happens here too, especially, when working with large files. Does not occur in R13.061.




If it happens in conjunction with 3rd party plugins (like in the case of the OP), then you might want to contact their creator(s) - otherwise contact Maxon or submit a crash report (haven’t seen any from you yet).

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They are getting hangs not crashes. If it is NOT crashing then there will be no report to file would there?

But definitely, if you have problem files submit them to support.


When a system component is hanging (and acc. to the description it looks like that 's the case) you won’t get a crash report in Cinema (as Cinema wasn’t crashing), but you should get either a report from the system (at least when restarting the system should notice that it wasn’t shut down properly the last time) and often you’ll find a log about it in the system’s console app.

Either way: You should make sure these problems aren’t related to 3rd party plugins (as neither Apple or Maxon can’t fix that).

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I checked the file in R14 with all plugins removed. It still happens reproducibly. Unfortunately, I can’t send you the file since I don’t own all the rights for the data in it. Again, it does not occur in R13.061, even with all the plugins activated.




I’m sorry, but without having a chance to reproduce it, it can’t get fixed.

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I understand. Here are the project data and the resulting picture. Maybe this is helpful. But, with R15 on the doorsteps, the problem will hopefully be resolved, upon release.

Thanks and cheers



Cool picture …reminds me of Che.
BTW You can trust Maxon with data under NDA or alike.


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