C4D program corrupted?... help


Today my C4D R20.059 on my mac started glitching in multiple ways.

First the display of textures wasn’t performing correctly. The colors in the front (and all non-perspective) view windows was acting erratically:

Then all of a sudden the perspective display would no longer allow me to rotate. And was glitching into exaggerated scale displays:

I assumed the file was corrupted in some way and tried to open an old version (still corrupted), and move the objects by copy and paste into a new project file (still corrupted). But now the perspective lock persists in any new file I create, even after restarting my computer.

This feels like something has broken in my C4D. And in 15 years of using C4D I’ve never encountered a bizarre problem like this infecting the whole program. Any suggestions. I know issues like this in Adobe can be fixed by deleting preferences.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated!


More likely that something is broken in the OpenGL / graphic card driver. Did anything update there recently? Will another version change this behavior?

If not, did you try to delete the preferences / the new .c4d file / reinstall C4D from scratch?


Have you turned it off and on again?


good advice



The top one could be Backface Culling active in the Viewport and your splines are not all in the same sequence, hence some showing and some not.

The second screenshot is just the lens being extra wide:

Do you perhaps have a controller plugged in that that has some scroll functionality, or maybe keys on the keyboard getting stuck cause it?



I’ve figured out the viewport - somehow it was locked on Camera 2D mode. No idea how that happened right at the same moment these other issues happened.

The jump to an ultra wide camera display was also bizarre but no longer happening.

As for the strange viewport rendering issue for the front view:

I’ve transplanted my objects into a new project file and the viewport glitches now seems to a little better but still imperfect:

I’ll likely start a new thread for this question.

Thanks for the suggestions.


I figured out the final viewport issue. It was the clipping settings, which I switched to tiny.

Thanks again.