C4D old file conversions


Hey all,

I recently purchased some models from Evermotion and unfortunately they’re model are not supported with latest versions of Cinema 4D. Does anyone know of a way to convert .c4d files or of a company that does this sort of thing?


I encountered that yesterday with some Turbosquid models done in R12. I have R19 on my PC still and that did the trick. I don’t know of any companies online that do this, but all someone has to do is open the file and save it and that usually does the trick to open in later versions.

Ask Evermotion to give you an FBX version and you’ll be good.


Maybe ‘Scene updater’ will work…



you will need a cinema R19 to open and resave it.


I still haven’t updated my mac from mojave for exactly this purpose. I still have R19 running as well so i can convert my old files.

I have been using c4d since 8.5, so i have a lot of old files & never know when i’ll be needing them.

I haven’t seen the scene updater but it looks completed. Just another shit choice by Maxon…


r19 runs fine on catalina as well.


Not what Maxon says…


oh, i did not know that… however, if you just update your OS with r19 already installed it does run fine. i guess it’s just the installer then that isn’t supported by catalina. which seems a bit odd.


Thats a really big gamble to take for me as i use R19 to convert files nearly every day…