C4D+Octane UV Question!


I’ve been a C4D artist for about 4 years now. And within the last 6 months have been using Octane as well.

My problem is I haven’t HAD to learn UV mapping and still haven’t HAD to, but rather I want to at this point. I’d like to post some of my models on something like SketchFab and things to showcase some. But need to UV map them. For example, I tried to UV Map my Sunset Sarsaparilla Machine model but had zeroooo luck.

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// Is there a point where it’s TOO late to UV Map something?
// Does it have to be ONE solid object model in the end?
// Does the Octane Dirt Node also stay with the UV Map when doing this?
// Any tips/help/advice for a first time UV Mapper?

Thank you guys so much for your time and help in this!


UVs aren’t tied to render engines. Materials are.

-No…it’s never too late to UV map something
-If you break objects up they each will have a UV map
-Dirt node is a material attribute…not a UV attribute
-There are lots of tutorials available on how to UV map


There are many ways to do this, but I heartily recommend Rizom UV. It’s cheap and incredibly easy to use. I’m sure people will suggest other apps, like 3DCoat, but this is the one I’ve gone for. It actually makes UVing objects a fun challenge! Better still, you can just click one of the automatic modes and let it do the whole thing for you.


Shameless self-promotion:

If you prefer to UV inside of Cinema 4D, but want a more enjoyable experience than using the native tools, there’s also my Seamilar plugin (available via the C4DCafe store).
There are many things it cannot do compared to other external solutions, but I have had really positive comments from the many customers. So I guess there still is a need for it.
Currently at version 2.5


Keep in mind that 20 is just weeks away. Hopefully there will be UV improvements in this release.


I vouch for this.



Thank you SO much for the help and information! I’m sorry it took me a bit to reply. I caught the ole’ stomach bug and it put me out for a bit.

As far as creating gaming assets. Does anyone know if it has to be one solid model? Or can it be multiple pieces modeled separately and positioned together?