C4D Motion System - Layer


Hi guys,
I have some trouble with the C4D motion Systems Layers.
Iam using R18 and have a rig and a Motionsource. So I added the motion source to my Rig via Motion Systems - everything is perfects…
But i want to adjust the Motion Source with additional Animations on top! So I added an extra Layer for that but i cant reorganize the Hirachy of the motion layer system.
So always the Motionsource is on top of the correction animation. I know that this was possible in R15 but now its not!

Hope someone can help me out



just drag bottom layer to the top layer and animate it, currently, the top layer takes the control.


thats not working in r18. i tried it in r19 there is works also in r17 but r18 has a bug i think


I recently had to similar task, I done it in R18. I don’t know details of the project, if you can send me a simple demo scene, not the original, I can show you video tutorial how to fix it.