C4d mechanical ik rigging function


Is there a function like 3ds max in C4D?
There is a HD IK function in 3ds max, which can be very convenient to set up mechanical devices. It can limit the rotation axis, sliding direction, and sliding distance of each component in the three axes of XYZ.
as the picture shows.

The binding of C4D is also very powerful. I don’t know if there is such an IK in C4D.
If c4d has this feature, I think it will be even more powerful. Because of this ik function, many practical problems can be solved.


Take a look at C4D’s ‘constraint’ tag (Object manager > Tags > Rigging > Constraint). This will allow you to set up very flexible systems of this type.


Thank you very much for your reply :grinning:
I have tried to constrain tags, the clamp constraint is very suitable, but sometimes there will be a little delay, and the setting process is more complicated.
So I hope that such IK function will appear in c4d, it is very intuitive.
Thanks again!


If you want to have an object target another by rotating on one axis only, you use an Up Constraint without an Aim constraint - you may have to fiddle a bit with the axis settings but it’s very solid. You can then nest these in a hierarchy to make mechanical rigs, see attached file.

I don’t have anything for the slider joint to hand.

Note also in the file, the easiest way to avoid the ‘little delay’ - is to oreder the objects & their tags from top to bottom in the object manager - so a controller always comes before the thing it is controlling. Of course this becomes more complex as your rig does, and you can mess with this order by playing with priorities, but it’s a good basis to use when designing a rig.

Mecha_Arm_Example.c4d (225.0 KB)


Thank you very much for your reply and attachment.:grinning::grinning: I learned that the up constraint is very convenient to set the rotation on a certain axis.

Here is an example of sliding. I solved the problem of the rotation axis rolling by applying Up constraint, but there is still a little delay. maybe my method is wrong.
sliding example.c4d (206.8 KB)