C4D - Instance Object ignores child light within group


I have a group with a light object inside it, and an instance of this grouped object. When using the c4d layer manager to hide the layer with the light, it works only for the parent ( but the instance keeps the light on, and seems to only consider the main group layer vs child layers).

Is there a way to change this behavior (to consider the layer states of child objects) or a better work around? This is a stripped down example, but a use-case would be having a light fixture where I want the geometry to stay visible with the light source off (for daytime renders) but have the ability to switch the light layer on for night-time renders.


My current workaround has been manually disabling lights. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Why not have another “master” of the light fixture with the light off, and simply change the instance reference when you wish turn it on/off


i use xpresso for such switches.
you can use userdata elements as checkboxes but also make Null element (because it has Enabled state), name it “Night”, and put it in xpresso and make logic.


Great suggestions, thank you!