C4D HUD persistence and saving


Heya all,

I’ve finally got a weight painting workflow that works for me, but I’ve run into a snag. I put my favorite weight tool variables into a HUD for easy access. That by itself works brilliantly (Ease of Use: C4D FTW), but when I save the file and reopen C4D on another day the HUD does not persist. I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrong. I’ve tried locking the HUD to the view and combining the elements into one group to no success.

If it’s not possible to save the HUD, is it possible to have a COFFEE script create the HUD at the press of a button? In the same vein, when I change to a new file is there a way to save or script the weight percentage colors? Seems like every new character I make has to have that redone too.

Thanks in advance.


I figured somebody more knowledgable about HUD stuff than myself would have posted by now, but since they didn’t… …well, this might not be the most useful information you’re likely to run across, but… :shrug:

Whenever you make HUD changes that you want to persist for future scenes, you can save them to the “new.c4d” scene in the main “Cinema 4D” installation folder. That way, whenever you create a new document, it will start off with whatever HUD settings you were using when you saved that. Hey, somehow you knew this wouldn’t be earth-shattering… :slight_smile:


Earth-shattering or not, that’s the answer I needed to stop pulling my hair out. Thanks so much on that. :slight_smile:

I also discovered the Script Log (a friend of mine pointed it out to me), so I can
finally script some of these tools with sane defaults.

Thanks again!


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