c4d & gameengine for walkthrough


hi everybody;

for an architetcural model i shall make an walkthrough with an game engine, like
(unreal, thorche or virtools etc).
here some facts:

::: it is not necesarry to move any parts beside the camera.

::: the modell exists, i would make a low poly version with baked lights and textures on uv maps.

::: the "visitor has to be able to go to about 5 - 8 levels (entrance, lobby, atrium, skylobby, 2 offices), so the visible parts should be restricted.

for i have never done this before so i would like to ask you some questions:

::: which game engine editor would you say is the best for that( performance / price)?
::: will i need complex scripting for camera move only?
::: it will be quite a big modell (skyscraper) , even if on low poly mode, how much is the maximum poly count?
:::who has done something similar before?
::: is it possible at all?

i would be very happy for comments about gameenginewalkthroughs, i am a bit sceptical.

as another options we are doing a normal animation and quicktime vrs anyway, so if the game engine thing is to caplicated for myself i will give the technical part to external recourses. (anybody experience here?)


thanks for help( and sorry for my english)



funny you should mention something like this…i have no idea…but was flicking through pcgamer mag in the newsagents the other day and it had a write up on the latest unreal engine…a complete re-write and new physics engine the works…and it looked mighty impressive…but was thinking they really do now have the capabilites for things like this…also the gui was very intuitive by the looks of it to help mod’ders knock stuff quickly…so might be worth looking into…i don’t think its out just yet but i’d keep an eye out for it…as it allow quite a bit of geometry detailling also…and some texture baking stuff also.
anyways hope this helps a little…:shrug:

doom3 is due for release maybe that has some nice functionality in it?

some of the more in touch game heads might be able to point you in the right direction.


a link for ya:
version 3


Well if it should ever come out, you could import your stuff into XSI:EXP and use HL2.


a tool that i tinker with occasionally is Quest3D (www.quest3d.com).

It allows you to create DirectX applications without programming, the workflow “channel based” and is somewhat like xpresso. nice, but can get confusing pretty fast for complex projects.

not really a game engine per se, but some of the best projects created with it are games (see monster mayhem). you have access to every function of DirectX, so you can create almost anything you can think of.

the good thing is that the lite version is $89 and is a great way to learn it. the professional version is around $750. of course, there is also the demo.

the biggest drawback to it is that it is directX and nothing else. your end users who do not have directx 8, or who are mac-based are left out. there is no way to go from directx to opengl or software rendering (that i know of) like you could with shockwave3d.

another problem is that it does not like C4D’s .x files at all. they will almost always crash the program. you can get around it by sending through another exporter like deep exploration or polytrans.

i bought the lite version, love it. but its a specialist.


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