C4d Compositing Tag on a material?


Hi there,
Was wondering if anyone knew if there is a way to add a compositing tag to a specific material? Or something with a similar result.

The problem I am having is I have separated my mesh into UVs and applied different materials. I have one part of the mesh (one material) where I want to turn off ambient occlusion, and receive shadows. Is there any way I can add a compositing tag to just that material or maybe just that selection? Rather than adding a buffer on the whole object and tweaking in post…

I’m new to UV unwrapping, any advice will be useful. Thanks!


The way I see it, you have two options (not counting multi-pass renders):

  • Select and split the part of the mesh that you want and then apply a compositing tag to it.

  • Apply the Ambiant Occlusion directly at the material level (It’s available in the effects shaders submenu) instead of the scene level. As such you have a finer control on what gets AO or not. If you don’t want a specific part to receive shadows either, use the luminance channel instead of the colour channel.



Looks like Lesterbanks has a tutorial for producing what you want: https://lesterbanks.com/2014/06/creating-texture-buffer-rgb-mattes-materials-cinema-4d/