C4D character rig become crazy with rotation order


Hi guys, I’ve encounter problem multiple times on character rig provided by c4d. As soon as I change rotation order on certain part of body and done animate it. When I open back the file the Rig become crazy insanely. The only possible I animate it with default rotation order which is HPB ( really Bad for certain mechanic body) and nothing problem when I try to open back the file with that.


Try this:

  • Change the Rotation order on the controller/s, then immediately do ‘freeze transforms’ & see the values appear in the frozen transforms - this is the crazy offset that you are seeing when opening back up. It shouldn’t happen now.
  • You should do this in the bind pose before adding any animation

Basically, when switching rotation order, the offsets are not immediately taken into account but forcing the change via freezing the transforms simulatenously forces the update & fixes the problem. There are probably other ways to force the update without closing & opening as well.

Hopefully this works for you.


Thank you very much!!..I tried and it seems to work with simple animation. you have save my life!


No problem. Cinema 4D should probably be better about applying this change immediately but if you use a program for a while, you get to learn work-arounds.
I do think that changing rotation orders hsould only be done in the rigging phase before animation but there may be ways around it after animation has been done.


Hi, I still encountered some issues on rotation order. As soon as I add motion clip from animated character ( with custom Rotation Order) the animation become weird, looks like there’s false rotation order on that clip. Anyone know the solution?

@Decade Yeah I agree with you, since c4d software not fully focus on characters animation. I hope they improve it later.


Seriously Cinema 4d… Again issues on character rotation order. As soon as i changed rotation order as Decade told which only possible to save the animation file with custom rotation order. The only thing when i change to binding mode all rotation order become crazy and cant even change rotation order in binding mode. I have to change back to HPB rotation order in animate mode so then i can go to binding mode back. Really risky in mid animation process… Anyone know other solution for this?